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A little improvement. Let’s see…

Veronica has moved back in with her husband. One problem, he’s remodeling it and there are no walls, no furniture, no plumbing etc. Which annoys Veronica. I don’t blame her. She tells him to make some improvement on the house or she’s moving back in with her mom. Later she comes to candles lit and the bathroom completely finished. There is even a bath waiting for her.

The nurse and the cop. She’s mad cause the cop hasn’t called her and it’s been a few days. She finally calls cause she needs his help identifying a Jane Doe. Complete excuse since she knows other cops who can help her. Cop guy says he didn’t call her cause she said she’d call him. He was respecting her wishes. Which threw her off.

The new nurse aka My little pony. She has a patient who is addicted to a drug. He tells her he started taking it because he hears a ringing in his ear. No one else believes him. She places her stethoscope up against his ear and hears the ringing. She brings the doctor to hear and sure enough there is blood vessel ready to burst.

Veronica has a patient who had to have his leg amputated. He’s not happy about it since they had to take off during surgery. So the poor wakes up with one less leg. Veronica finds his leg and brings it to him so he can say good bye. Which… ewww.

As for Veronica and the doctor. They try and be friends. Which is not going well. Veronica tries to act all cool and says she didn’t know the doctor while in Iraq. You can totally tell she’s lying. Then the doctor joins their softball team. So he gets to meet the hubby. After they win the game, doctor leaves after watching Veronica and hubby hug.

Later doctor complains about he hates new jersey and that he misses California. “They why don’t you go home?” Veronica asks. Cause he hasn’t given up on her.

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