The Vampire Diaries - You're Undead To Me (Season 1, Epi 5)  

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So Elena and Stefan are on the outs b/c he hasnt shared any of his hidden secrets...and one of those secrets is that he has Damon locked away in the basement so he cant hurts anyone. Elena tries to give Stefan another chance to explain but hes so taken with watching after the dangerous Damon that he blows it...that time but he redeems himself by going to her house and cooking for her :o) so sweet! AND he starts to spill the beans...about Katherine BUT not yet about him being a vamp. Personally I cant wait for that moment. It happens soon off in the books so Im trying to be patient...its just hello...he feeds from her and her him so I WANT them to reveal it already! ;o)

In the second half of the show Damon is trying to call on Caroline to him to let him out...its odd she can see him while hes trying to reach out...hmmm...she ends up coming to his house and the idiot lets him out...BUT Stefan seemed to have took his ring so he cant go outside! Ok they are all out at a car wash and Elena talks to a old man who recognizes Stefan from like 50 years ago! So things are starting to be placed together for Elena! Shes getting suspicious! Oh and Vicki and Jeremy...UGH kinda getting tired of the drugs ALL the time...but so has Jeremy! See I told yall that if they got together he would want to fall back from drugs!

Ok back to Elena and Stefan...Elena asks for help looking back into Stefans background (saying she has some school project) and her aunts boy toy is a reporter so he goes to help! And on a video online she sees Stefan in the background! EPP! lol Oh she knows...SHE KNOWS!!!!

Such a good epi I say! :o) See yall next week!

PS- OMG did yall see the previews for next week...OMG its gonna be goooood!

<3 Monroe

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Even at age 63 I'm fascinated by Vampires.

Dorothy from grammology

Thats the greatest thing about vamps...they appeal to all ages. And it sounds silly but there really is a age appropriate vamp out there for everyone! ;o)

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