The Vampire Diaries - Lost Girls (Season 1, Epi 6)  

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Alrighty...lets make this quick! lol

We start off by Elena confronting Stefan about what he is, he tells her and she freaks (who wouldnt). He clears up his past by telling her how Katherine changed him and you actually find out that she did it when he didnt know it was going to happen...btw it didnt happen like that in the books. WELL so Stefan tells Elena that Damon is bad and he still has his ring so he cant come out during the daytime. In the meantime Vicki is with Damon (I was wondering if he drained her on the last epi). Damon starts to TURN Vicki into a vamp and by the end Stefans life gets in danger BUT Damon helps him (yay) to get his ring back BUT Vicki finishes the transformation by feeding.

One sad thing is that Elena says she cant be with Stefan b/c he is what he is...BREAKS my little heart...and we FINALLY see Elena break down and cry...FORGET her dead parents it takes a vamp to make the girl cry! lol :*( COME ON...we know they will get back together!

Next weeks epi looks GOOOOOD! Vicki is gonna be a CRAZY force to be reckoned with! lol and it HALLOWEEN in Mystic Falls! EPP! :o) Happy Viewing!

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Ugh, this show just gets me mad! LOL I'm only watching for Elena and Stefan at this point.

Stefan was so cute in the olden days. haha That little curl over his forehead. Cuter bugs!!

But yeah, Vicki=annoying, the whole thing with the townsfolk=boring. BLAH LOL

OH SHUT IT! lol Youre watching it b/c I begged you to keep watching it last week! LMAO! Youll watch it...and youll like it...SMACK!

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