Bones- A Night At The Bones Museum  

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*SQUEE* It’s all about the last couple of minutes. Ok, to set it up:

Booth’s boss’s boss Andrew asks Brennan on a date. She says yes. Booth is like, Ok awkward cause they may talk about Booth since booth is what they have in common. Brennan says no, she wouldn’t think about mentioning Booth on their date.

Cept she does! During the date, Andrew asks brennan what’s good to eat. Brennan mentions something about the meatloaf and Booth. Which Andrew mentions to Booth. Booth is upset and confronts Brennan. She apologizes for talking about him during her date but that he must have told the meatloaf story to plenty of people. The look on Booth’s face says no. He says what happens between them is theirs and not to be shared. Especially with his boss's boss.

So later, Brennan and Booth are at a museum. Booth asks why she didn’t take Andrew. She says this was their case and she wanted to share this booth. And as they are talking, they inching closer together. My husband said, “He closing in for a kiss!” But then the rest of the lab come looking for them. So close yet so far. *Squee*

Ok. The rest of the stuff… Sweets asks if Daisy could come back. Brennan says but Sweets says he’s been working with Daisy. Fine, she’s on 24 hour probation. Daisy managed not to be so annoying. And actually, it was cute when Daisy and Brennan got all giddy with excitement over the mummy they have to examine. What was also funny was Brennan reciting the lines from The Mummy. The boris Karloff version, not the new one.

The case has to do with a mummy found on a fence. Turns out it’s a very old mummy on loan to the Jeffersonian. The director of the Egyptian dept. was examining and had discovered something inside the chest of the mummy. Which happened to be missing and now she’s dead.

Turns out it was a ruby and the guy who was admin (the director was giving him her notes), took the ruby. He lost his retirement and since one knew the ruby was in there, he figured he’d take it. Except the director caught him in the act of taking it and he killed her.

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