The Vampire Diaries - Family Ties (Season 1, Epi 4)  

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Woohoo! We are on to epi 4!!! First thign I wanted to bring up...LMAO they so had Damon reading Twilight on Carolines bed! lol He said he just didnt get "the Bella chick" and I cracked up! he said the book had it all wrong but evidently Caroline likes them! lol Too Funny!

Alright the main event is the Founders Day ball. Damon made it look like an animal made all the attacks so it didnt get canceled and he plans on showing up! :o) Of course Stefan and Elena are going together and I must say BOTH looked HAWT! ;o) So they are at the dance and Elena seen the original guest list and both Stefan and Damon were on the list! And so Damon told her a story of sibling rivalry! lol It was of the original "brothers" but we knew it was them. BUT OMG...I guess they are changing the Katherine story...saying she got killed in a church but thats NOT what happened in the books. The book Katherine death was better. Ugh and Caroline and Stefan danced and it pissed me off! lol Well later on Elena and Stefan had a fight b/c he wouldnt open up about Katherine!

Oh and its too funny that Stefans nephew he lives with is growing Vervain (the plant that weakens vamps) like hes growing weed or something in a basement! lol We are told that if indegested can weaken Damon and Stefan could possibly...idk kill him...would he really do that?!?!? I THINK NOT! So he hides it in some alcohy BUT Damon knew and didnt drink it! BUT OMG he spiked Carolines drink knowing Damon would feed from her and it weakened him and he locks Damon in like a cage or something!

Oh smaller news is Vivki and Tyler are pissed at eachother b/c he is kinda keeping his relationship from his parents (his dad is the mayor). Its obvious that he is embarrassed to date her yet still asks her to the dance. And here we have poor Jeremy sitting in the background with his drugs getting pissy! lol Vicki is a moron! Jeremy is way better a guy and I bet hed stop using if she was with him! But he got is moron in the end! lol

And WTF did yall see Stefans tattoo??? OMG...really...they heal quickly so I dont see how he wouldve gotten that. Its really contemporary and Stefan, b4 he was a vamp, lived in a age that wouldnt have gotten those kinda tats. HA IM SMART! Although it was HAWT! Oh and I liked seeing Stefan drink (it probably wasnt alcohy but it was still hot to see his bad side). lol

Oh and Bonnie is proving to be one of my fav characters (like in the books). Her powers are growing and its exciting!

BIG the end Tylers parents, a news reporter, and Carolines mom are all wanting Elenas parents old watch...I THINK I know whats going on (bc the books) but they are starting to change the story so Im not 100% sure.

What do yall think is going on...? Guess we will find out next week! :o)

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Finally watched this. Sooo caroline knows Damon is a vampire? I thought he was glamouring her so she didn't know. Hmmm. I wonder what's up with the crystal.

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