Bones- The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood  

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Intern of the Week: Arastoo. He’s been faking his accent!!! He dropped it when he got upset with Cam ( I missed that part). Turns out he was faking it cause he didn’t want people questioning his religion. With the accent people would figure he’s hanging on to his culture. I loved the look on Angela and Hodgin’s face when he was talking without his accent. Ha ha.

Case of the Week: A dead body is found in a bbq pit. Turns out the whole neighbor had a part in killing him. Because I missed part of the episode and I didn’t record it, I didn’t get all what was happening.

Booth’s son parker, is hanging out at the lab. He’s trying to find his dad a girlfriend. When he asks Brennan she says no because it would inappropriate. She asks Parker why he wants to find his dad a girlfriend. Because Parker’s friend’s dad got a girlfriend and then they got a pool. So if Booth finds a girlfriend, then they can have a pool.

Brennan gives Booth and Parker a key to her building. It has a pool and they are welcome to it anytime.

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