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Ok, yesterday's episode, I'm not beating around the bush, Stacy Ann went home.

WTF is that? Exactly!

There was some tension as Fatima, who is a refugee, LOST her travel documents and waited until the last minute to say anything. All the judges thought this was foolish, but they still put her through to ROME anyway. She didn't even have a photo as she wasn't at the photo shoot.

Every girl in past episodes (that I've seen) that has missed a photo shoot has gone home. Me thinks Fatima is getting preferential treatment.

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Me thinks you might be right. Fatima didn't even have a picture! It's so unfair.

I also thought it was fishy that the ANTM producers set up her appointment so that it conflicted with her photoshoot. And then their was that whole thing with Tyra acting like she didn't know about it. I mean, come on! Tyra knows everything that's going on. The producers know when the photoshoots are taking place. Sounds kinda like a set up to me...

Yeah it does, Ty! I also wondered about the producers setting up that appointment when they did.

See, doesn't it suck when there's a judging panel sometimes? It's sooo hard for them to be objective and not give preferential treatment. My sister was re-watching So You think you can Dance? this week-end and you could see who was who's favorite and how unfair it was for others.

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