Dear One Tree Hill Writers,  

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You know, I missed you guys terribly during the writer's strike and I wanted nothing more than for you guys to come back and do what you guys do best...writing.

But then my favorite shows started coming back on and I haven't been really impressed lately.

Last week, I enjoyed the whole deeper thinking episode. I enjoyed seeing Haley and Nathan working on their marriage, I rejoiced in Brooke getting her baby and I really enjoyed seeing Deb back on the show as Nanny Deb, gotta love Mama Deb minus all the drugs, haha.

Things I didn't care about? Lucas and Peyton's talk about the aborted wedding, Dan being on the show period.

I don't know what's going through your minds but the main thing that I could not stand about last week's episode and then last night's episode was the whole insinuations surrounding Brooke and Lucas. What the bleeping hell was that about? Don't get me wrong, I love me some Brooke. I think she is frickin' awesome and I think that she would make a fantastic mother once she gets the hang of juggling her career and being a mother but does she need to lean on Lucas for all of this? Does she need to be falling asleep in Lucas' arms at his house?


I swear, if you go down that road again I will boycott this effing show. I will effing stop watching it, I will vote against shutting that shit down so you better knock that shit off because there is no Lucas without Peyton. They are the driving force behind this show and I swear if you throw Brooke back into Lucas' life LIKE THAT, devastating Peyton yet again, I will buy those damn voo doo dolls that I've been threatening to buy and I will buy all the needles in the world and get the pokin' ....

Just...say it aint so! NO BROOKE AND LUCAS and will you for the life of me just make Lucas realize where his heart has always belonged.

With Peyton.

And for the love of Pete [ insert Daphne's crush at work's name here ], give Peyton a happy ending already.



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I think Brooke falling asleep in Lucas' arms was there to merely start up speculation. Mind you, Joey never did end up with Dawson did she? Same producers anybody? Hmmm...

I'm over the Lucas/Peyton drama, I'm more about Haley and Nathan, and as long as they don't mess with them too much, I'll be happy.

BTW, Lucas has more ups and downs than a yo-yo, and he'd be considered a total player, in real life.


I hope you're right about the whole Brooke and Lucas thing because I swear that shit gets on my effing nerves.

And I hear you about Nathan and Haley, if they were to ever break those two up I would be hella pissed.

And you know what? I've been thinking about Peyton with Skills, I wouldn't mind seeing that at all..they both need a storyline right now and why not? Give Lucas something to worry over, the stupid dick.

And what is it about Lindsay that bugs me so much? I think it's her man shoulders.

Ugh, whatev.

And yeah, Lucas would so be a player in real life and I'm starting to get sick of his stupid ass.

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