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A while back, Rowena did a review on Will Smith's I am Legend. And Mollie commented on how much better the Resident Evil trilogy is. LOL So I took it upon myself to watch all 3 movies today - because I'm a loser with nothing better to do. Just kidding - I did get other stuff done, i.e. interacted with humans, took out the know. So its not like I sat on the couch all day, although my mom will beg to differ.

So first Resident Evil - I really enjoyed it! As soon as it was done, I had my little bro (who had been hounding me for a while to see these) pop the second movie in.
Was I ever in for a surprise watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse! Oded Fehr, hottie extraordinaire (from the Mummy) was in it! LOL Seriously, it doesn't take much to impress me. At the end, I was like, Ok, I'm still digging it.
So real life intruded for a bit - also the fact that I didn't have Resident Evil: Extinction on hand. So while I was helping with supper, I looked up the trailer, because I remember seeing it, but thinking, Meh. So yeah, after having watched the first two, I was really looking forward to Extinction.

In the end? I was a little bit disappointed with Extinction - but I still found it enjoyable. I hated that hottie Oded kicked the bucket, but at least he went out in style! LOL

If you like zombie movies, and you haven't seen these, go check them out. They're good times. :P

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That's so funny. I just watch RE:Extinction last night. Ha. You're right it was a little disappointing but I still enjoyed it as well.

Bummed he got blowed up but he did get is cig....;).

So, do you think there's going to be another? The ending kind of left it open for ANOTHER one.

I liked the first two and could have done without the third. Then again, I loved I Am Legend - sappy girl that I am ;)


Mollie-I kind of hope there is another one. But it would be kind of funny, with a bunch of Milla's running around. LOL

Cindy-I really enjoyed I am Legend too. My liking of the RE trilogy doesn't take away from I am Legend. I see them as really different. :P

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