Sweeny Todd  

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Benjamin Barker, a man unjustly sent to prison by a lecherous judge, vows revenge, not only for that cruel punishment, but for the devastating consequences of what happened to his wife and daughter. When he returns to reopen his barber shop, Sweeney Todd becomes the Demon Barber of Fleet Street who "shaved the heads of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard from again."

Ames: Was Sweeney Todd what you expected?

Izzy: Yes and No. Yes, cause I knew the story more or less. No because the blood was just... not gory, but there was a lot. Yes I knew there would be blood.. but I guess.. the way how to explain it. A little over the top. Does that make sense?

What about you?

Ames: LOL It makes sense. For me, I didn't know the story but I was expecting the gore. I'm a big fan of Tim Burton, so I knew I was in for a bloodfest. :P I'm so morbid.

What did you think of Johnny Depp's singing? Did you like the songs?

Izzy: I thought Johnny Depp was pretty good. Didn't know he could sing. My favorite song I would have to say is Joanna, then Worst Pies in London.

Is it me, or did Joanna look alot like Christina Ricci in Sleepy Hallow?

Ames: LOL I was surprised too at Johnny's singing - but I also realized he was in a musical before, that I never saw. It was called Cry Baby - he was really young. I liked Worst Pies in London and the opening song, There's a hole in the world and the people that inhabit it are full of shit..or something like that. That's a funny song. :P

I was going to mention Joanna. And yes, she does look like Christina Ricci. But kind of odd looking too. Tim Burton is good at finding eccentric looking characters.

Ok, did you know it was going to end the way it did? I didn't! It kind of mad me sad.

Izzy: Oh yeah! I remember Cry Baby but I didn't think it was a mucial. lol. I've never seen that one.

That one song.. by the sea... I like how Johnny depp is just sitting there sulking while homegirl is fantazing about their life together. ha ha.

Yeah I did. Once they started dancing, I was just waiting.. waiting for something. And then I was like.. there it is. But it was kind of sad.

Ames: I wasn't sad he threw the chick in the fire. She was not so nice in the end.

I liked that song too, when Johnny's a lump on a log while she's fantasizing about the kind of life they could lead.

What happened to his daughter though? Did she escape with her sailor boy? That was never clarified. You know?

Izzy: Oh now, I wasn't sad about that. Just sad he killed his wife. Although, throwing the other chick in the fire.. I thought he would slit her throat.

Ha ha. I love the expressions on his face and then he looks all "ewww" When he has to kiss her. LOL!

I'm thinking they did escape and had a HEA. It's not revealed but that's what I beleive.

Have you seen the musical? Does the movie make you want to see the musical?

Ames: I don't think so. LOL Have you seen the musical? Would you want to see it?
Isn't Alan Rickman (the Judge) so good at playing villains? He's Severus Snape and he was the Sheriff in the Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie. He's such a baddie. Pretty women...LOL

What did you think of Helena Bonham Carter? Her voice was a little too high pitched for my liking, but I felt like she suited the role very well.

Izzy: No, I haven't seen the musical. It is coming to town this summer. I wouldn't mind watching it though. Just to see how they do some of the stuff on stage. Mainly, the killings. Morbid I know.

I love Alan Rickman. I think he's kind of sexy. LOL! He is what made me have a little thing for snape. I'm sick I know. He did surprise me with this voice. I like that song too, Pretty Women. What I don't get, is how could the Judge not recognize Sweeney Todd and the Borat character did? Makes no sense. lol.

Helena Bonham Carter, her voice was ok. Not great but it was decent. I thought she was perfect for the role. What did you think of here withholding the information about Sweeney Todd's wife? I get she was in love with him but in a way she was no different than the Judge.

Ames: Oh man, I thought I was the only one! LOL Good to know we're both sick. hehe

As for her letting Sweeney think his wife was dead - ugh, you're right in saying she's no better than the Judge. BUT - did you see his wife? LMAO So maybe she did him a favor? I'm awful, I know. :P

Izzy: Yeah. I mean.. Hmm,

I understand she might have been looking out for him. Cause his wife was... a sandwich short of a picnic basket BUT... I think she was more thinking of herself. I think she withheld the info more for her than trying to protect him. You know what I mean? Cause who is to say once she realized who Sweeney was, the wife might have come back to her senses. And at least Sweeney would have had the choice to let his wife go or be with Ms. Lovett.

Ames: Oh yeah, Mrs. Lovett didn't tell him for her own purposes. She did it for herself! LOL

Izzy: yeah she did.

You know what bothered me most about the movie. Was when he killed Borat, ( i forget his character's name.) The way his body just spazzed out and the blood gushing out. I was all... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Lol.

What did you think of Johnny Depp's voice?
So.. would recommend the movie to other people?

Ames: I laugh at gory scenes, so when he killed Borat, it didn't bother me. LOL I forget that character's name...his fake name started with a P and it was Italian. But the little boy slitting Johnny's throat-that kind of bothered me. Just cuz it was a little kid.

I liked Johnny's voice. As long as his voice wasn't high pitched, I knew I would be happy. But it wasn't as wonderful as some people led me to believe.

I would recommend this movie to people I know very well and could judge their tastes...or any fan of Tim Burtons.

Izzy: See and the little boy killing Johnny didn't bother me. I don't know why. But my sister is all, "He totally lied to HBC. He said no one would ever harm her and look what happened!" I told her at least he avenged her. lol. She also said, "who in their right mind thought to make this into a musical." lol

I liked Johnny's voice too. Better than I expected.

I would recommend this movie to people who I think would enjoy it. Those who like musicals and Tim Burton. If you're squeamish about blood.. probably want to stay away. Just listen to the soundtrack.

Which... damn, I don't have. I do have: Worst Pies in London, Poor Thing, Johanna, The Johanna with Anthony, Johnny Depp and the hag singing and Not While I'm around. But I want Pretty Women too and now By the Sea is growing on me. Maybe I should buy the thing.

Ames: I don't think I'll buy the soundtrack. I have to really love a movie to buy the soundtrack. And plus, that's what youtube is for!

So since we're on the topic of youtube, here are some videos:

My Friends:

Pretty Women:

Little Priest:

Edited to add Johanna Reprise

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