Hell's Kitchen  

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If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!!

So the fourth season of Hell's Kitchen started yesterday. Woot. I became addicted to this show because of my papa. You can read the recap HERE.

For the first time ever, each team was lead by a team captain...but yeah, the chosen captains (decided upon by the whole team) did such a bad job that anyone could have done better than them. Bobby, he called himself the Black Gordon Ramsey, tanked! He calls himself a general? No way, he stood behind his team and refused to help them out.

In the end, stay at home dad Dominic who was sent home first. His cluelessness in the kitchen, standing in place, holding scallops in the palm of his hand - well no wonder!

I love this show. hehe

Are you going to watch this season?

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We watched it! I love this show!!! It's a hoot to watch it on the Food Network cuz they don't bleep out the cuss words!

I know. I love watching reruns on there.

So any early favorites?

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