Movie Reviews: In the Land of Women  

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Starring: Adam Brody, Meg Ryan, Kristen Stewart
Rating: PG-13
Grade: B

For as long as he could remember, Carter Webb had been falling in love with women. And for as long as he could remember, he’d been searching for the right one. He found everything he was looking for in Sophia and for a little while he was happy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. When Carter is dumped by Sophia in a North Hollywood coffee shop, he sees his entire life flash before his eyes. Heartbroken and depressed, Carter escapes Los Angeles, heading across the country to suburban Michigan to care for his ailing grandmother. An eccentric and complicated personality, Grandma offers Carter a uniquely different perspective on life and especially death. Soon after his arrival, Carter stumbles into the lives of the family living directly across the street, Sarah Hardwicke, the mother of two daughters: Paige, a precocious, effervescent eleven-year-old and her older sister Lucy, an angst ridden teenager. While Sarah faces her own personal crisis, Lucy wrestles with the fears that define her. Through his relationships with these women, as well as his grandmother, Carter begins to discover that what felt like the end was really only just the beginning of his adventure.

I heart Adam Brody.

Seriously. I have loved that boy since he played Seth Cohen on The O.C. and truth be told, he was the only reason I watched that show for so long. There's just something about Adam's goofiness and lanky good looks that totally gets me. I have been wanting to watch this movie for a long time and so I netflixed it. When it came in, I was giddy to get it watched and I totally did. The movie is about Carter Webb trying to fix his life. He's all about women, he's always falling in love with women and when he gets dumped by his girlfriend, Sofia he decides that he's had enough of L.A. so he flies to Ann Arbor, MI to stay with his crazy grandma who swears she's gonna die pretty soon and holy hell that woman IS crazy.

This movie was good. It was one of those movies that you won't expect to like but you end up really liking it. It's not one of those movies that you just know is going to be good, it's the movie that surprises you and you'll totally fall in love with Adam Brody. He played this character really well and you can see a bit of his own personality shine through this character and I really dig that about him.

Meg Ryan's character was really cool, she was a cool Mom and I felt for her and her family. The whole thing with her husband and then the whole thing with her illness made me sad for her and I just really enjoyed getting to know Sarah Hardwicke and her family.

Kristen Stewart, I don't think she's all that...I know this is the chick that's going to be playing Bella Swan in Twilight: The Movie but as much as I enjoyed this movie, I didn't get excited to see Kristen Stewart as Bella, she just doesn't do anything for me.


But I loved the storyline, I loved the characters and I really just liked this movie.

Great stuff, check it out!

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