Forgetting Sarah Marshall  

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After a devastating break-up with his girlfriend, TV sitcom star Sarah Marshall, a heartbroken and depressed Peter heads to Hawaii for a little vacation to try his best to forget every detail of his relationship. But love laughs at Peter, because Sarah is vacationing in the same exclusive resort as Peter, along with her new boyfriend.

Joey and I thought this movie was funny. I thought the guy who played Peter is a cutie. I mean, he's not hot but he's good looking in that average joe type way. Some of the things he did the movie was just cute.

After a 5 year relationship, Sarah dumps Peter. Which he doesn't take too well. He's having a hard time getting over here. Their pictures are plastered all over their apartment. He can't even escape Sarah at work. She's the star of a crime drama ala CSI. Peter was the guy who scored music for the episodes. After a little episode at work (Peter throwing a chair at Sarah's face on screen) he decides to take his vacation.

Of course who does he run into while in Hawaii? Sarah and her new rock star boyfriend. Of course it looks weird. Peter showing up at the same place Sarah is at. He tells her he is not stalking her. Which she doesn't really believe. He even shows up at the same restaurant, sitting at a table across from Sarah and her new man.

Peter befriends one of the hotel staff, Rachel. He starts spending time with her and he starts to get over Sarah. When Sarah realizes Peter is moving on, she gets jealous and tries to win Peter back. Who will Peter choose?

Joey and I cracked up over the Dracula scene. Peter and Rachel are at a bar. He tells Rachel how he's writing a rock opera of Dracula.. but with puppets. Rachel arranges Peter to sing his song in front of everyone. Peter looks really nervous but sings his song he does. In the Count Dracula voice. It was just.. I don't know.. funny. Then later Peter makes his dream a reality.

Oh and this movie has male frontal nudity. I'm not bothered by it but some people in the theater were. Is this a new trend? Flashing male frontal? My hubby says you should only see male frontal in porn. Meh. lol. TMI? Sorry.

Anyways.. funny movie.

Grade: B

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There was a teeny tiny male frontal in Supertroopers too, remember? LOL

As for male nudity, seriously, women have been flashing their breasts in movies forEVER. So it's about time guys start flashing something too. And plus, it's funny. Like point and laugh funny.

Ok, I feel a feminist rant coming on, so I'm going to stop right there.

I was supposed to see this today with my friend, but he was too hungover. Loser. Maybe next week. :P

I've been debating about whether to see it or not.

In super troopers?? oh yes... Farva. That's right. Forgot all about that... lol.

Very true, it is kind of point and laugh funny.

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