Movie Reviews: Sydney White.  

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Starring: Amanda Bynes, Matt Long, Sarah Paxton
Rating: PG-13
Grade: B+

Gorgeous freshman Sydney White has come to Southern Atlantic University to pledge her late mom's once-dignified sorority. But while surviving the pledging process wrought by evil campus witch Rachel, Syd finds out this version of sisterhood isn't remotely what it's cracked up to be. Banished to a condemned house on Greek Row, Syd finds her rightful place with a band of seven very socially challenged guys. With the help of one lovestruck frat boy named Tyler, she and the doofs campaign to take over student government. Fighting for the rights of misfits big and small, Syd organizes her gang to revolutionize the system, once and for all.

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Corny. Cute. Cuddly.

This movie had me rollin' ...I wanted to watch this movie ever since Izzy reviewed it here. I seriously couldn't wait to watch it because these are the corny movies that I absolutely love. These are MY kind of movies, the feel good, underdog takes the evil queen down and all that Disney goodness.

This modern twist on Snow White was a laugh a minute, corny sigh out loud kind of movie. It was the kind of movie that I'd watch when I need to laugh, want to feel good and just because I want to watch it again kind of movie.

Amanda Bynes was a great "Snow" White and Matt Long was a great Prince Charming, the 7 Dorks were too frickin' funny, cute and all things wonderful. They made this movie! It was really cute and I can't say enough good things about this movie.

Check it out, I enjoyed it and I'm sure you will too. It's funny like She's the Man only Matt Long is cute but he's no Channing Tatum.


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Hahaha I told you this was a cute movie! It was so cheesy, but I totally ate it up. LOL.

It was so funny to watch the "dorks" try to intimidate Tyler before his date with Sydney. Totally cracked me up. And then seeing where Tyler took Sydney for their first date? Aww, that was so endearing. Haha gosh, I'm a sucker.

But you know what? It still surprises me that Matthew Long is 30-something. He doesn't seem like it to me.

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