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With all the talk about the new Beverly Hills 90210 making the gossip rounds, it got me thinking about shows that I used to love just as much as I used to love 90210. There are plenty of shows that I remember watching and loving as a youngun'...so many shows to choose from and I totally miss a whole lot of them. I'm going to attempt to remember my top 10 missed favorite shows from back in the day, feel free to do this on your own blog or list them here in the comments, it's always nice to remember isn't it?

On with my list...

1. Beverly Hills 90210. I remember staying up late on Thursday nights (when it first came on) to see the latest round of drama that went down at West Beverly High. I remember all of the different characters and I most remember my eternal love for Dylan McKay. LOL! I used to love me some Dylan McKay and oh gosh, I remember for Christmas one year, I got 2 ginormous posters, one of the entire cast at the beach during summer (it was the one where they were holding that surfboard) and then one of Dylan McKay on his beloved motorcycle...*sigh* Those were the days.

I remember cheering on Brandon and Andrea and wishing I knew where the heck The Peach Pit was. I remember how much I wanted Dylan to cheat on Brenda when she was in Paris with Kelly and I totally remember the scene when Brenda comes back from Paris (after her little fling with Superman Dean Cain) and Dylan and Kelly tell her about what happened between them over the summer. Then I remember the summer before their senior year and I remember when David Silver was a geek and then turned all uber cute on us...gosh, does anyone remember and miss this show as much as I do? Is anyone going to watch the new 90210? They've already cast Dylan...will he be as cool? I don't think so...

2. FRIENDS. This will always be that show that I will miss seeing new episodes of. It's one of those shows that you can watch over and over again and never get sick of. All 6 of the friends were always so funny, in their own ways and they each brought something to the show that just meshed well with everything. I miss seeing Joey make a fool of himself and I miss hearing Phoebe's retarded songs and Rachel's airheadedness and not to mention Monica and Chandler are their funny moments and then you can't forget about Ross and his salmon colored shirt....haha, so many memories with this show, I only wish there were more memories to add to the pile...this sure was one of the goods, don't you think?

3. Felicity. I watched this show from the very first episode to the very last one. I cheered Felicity on from big hair days to bad hair days to no hair days. LOL. I was such a big Felicity and Noel fan that I booed Ben's interference, even though he was the reason Felicity was at that college and put into Noel's line of vision. I hated Hannah with a passion and wanted to learn the piano to be BETTER than her...and I just wanted those two (Felicity and Noel) to always end up together. They were each other's lobsters. haha. I even remember Eli, remember how hot Eli was? How about the Pink Power Ranger, Julie? I hated her..when she got with Ben, I wanted to slap her silly and cut her hair in her sleep and even after they broke up, I didn't like her...I hated her. I still do, as a matter of fact. And how can I forget to mention Javier? Javier was the cutest man in the world and oh so funny...gosh I miss this show!

4. Alias. I remember back in the day when all me and Grace would talk about besides the books we were reading was what was happening on Alias. We were such huge Michael Vartan fans (and still are, VARTON HO'S FOREVER BABY! haha) and even bigger Michael Vaughn vans. We were always pulling for Sydney and Vaughn to somehow find a way to be together and through all of the exploding buildings and fighthing of the bad guys, the Alias producers never failed to entertain the socks right off of us. There would be times when our emails would be out of this world long, just so that we can gush more about our beloved Vaughn...man, was I sad to see this one go. Even if I stopped watching it partway through that last season or the last couple of seasons, right now, I'm missing my Vaughn. I remember when I needed a Vaughn fix every hot damn week in order to make it through the week...haha. Oh good times, good times.

5. Once and Again. Does anyone remember this show? It was about Rick Sammler and Lily Manning getting together after both of their divorces and with kids of their own. Trying to date again after the divorce and trying to get your kids to get along. It starred Billy Campbell and Sela Ward with Evan Rachel Wood as Billy's daughter and Shane West as his son? Do you guys remember this show? My sisters and I used to watch this show ALL.THE.TIME. Every week, we were planted right in front of the T.V. watching what drama this week would bring in the Manning and Sammler's household. I remember thinking that Eli was so effing hot and him and Jessie (Evan Rachel Wood) seem to have done well for themselves after the show's demise...I wonder what's going on with Grace (ohh I hated her in this show) and Zoe...I haven't heard of them after the show came to an end..whatever happened to them? Gosh this show was another good one. I miss it!

Alright, ladies let's see those lists...what shows do you miss the most and wish were still on?

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I miss Friends, Sex and the City, Buffy and Angel. :)

FIREFLY!!! *sobs uncontrollably*

And Buffy and Once & Again and Felicity and Friends and Homefront - anyone remember that one? Three words - young Kyle Chandler. ;-) And Quantum Leap and Star Trek:TNG - yikes, my sci-fi roots are showing.

Oh - and My So-Called Life. Loved that show!

Loved that Once and Again. Don't know why it couldn't have gone on longer than it did!

Going a ways back...but My So-Called Life. Also, Freaks and Geeks.

I miss Friends, Once and Again, Related (did anyone else watch it ~ it was on 1/2 season on the WB and got pulled), Studio 60 (LOVED that show!), Judging Amy, Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls...........

Going back even furthur, I miss Ally McBeal, Thirtysomething, My So-Called Life, Sisters, and Beverly Hills 90210.

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