Castle and The Good Wife  

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Two murders happen on the same night. Kate and Castle take one. The two other guys, forget their names, take the other murder. The boys decide to bet on who will solve their murder first. Loser pays $50, has to wear a dress for a week and shave their head. But don't like Kate know. She'll shoot them all.

Of course word of the bet travels fast and Castle is collecting a lot of money. Kate sees what is going on and when she finds out, she is not happy. Until they get a good lead and Kate places a bet.

The two unrelated murders turn out to be related. Both suspects have good alibis. Until they realize that the suspects don't have alibi's for the other murder. That's how the two murders are linked.

Kate and Castle's murder is a shrink. Her husband is a suspect. But he was a basket ball game. the other murder seems like a random mugging, until they suspect the son in law. The son in law killed the shrink. The husband killed the son in law's father.

Who won the bet? It's up in the air. Kate and Castle get a confession out of the son in law. So they are going back as to who won.

The Good Wife

A stripper is raped at very prominent person's bachelor party. He makes an offer of $450,000 only thing is it will be private. The stripper says no. She wants everyone to know what he did. They go to a civil trial.

Christie the stripper says after the rape, her friend and the limo driver went to the hospital. They performed a rape kit. But the DNA says it's not person who accused her. Someone some other rapist sperm gets mixed up with Christie's lab work. And the driver is saying Christie is lying. Now they have to find other stripper. Which they do. She admits how Christy's rapist told her to just take the money.

However the judge lets the rapist go. But as soon they leave the court room, the rapist is arrested for raping Christie.

Side story, someone drops off pictures of Big and his mistress at Alicia's front door. Which her two kids see. They decide to hide it from Alicia saying it will only hurt her. One of the pictures shows Big doing drugs. The son figures out, it's not is dad in the picture. The picture was photo shopped. Very interesting.

Side note, while Alicia and her boss/friend are at a hotel trying to get records, some blonde walks up to boss/friend. Blondie scurries back to her friends. Alicia realizes blondie thinks they are getting a room. He responds, "We could do worse." Hmmm. I wonder if a romance will happen with these two.

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You know, I watched the Good Wife last night and I don't know, do you think something is going to happen between Alicia and the guy that she's working with? The first chair guy? What the heck is his name?

I'm really interested to see where this show goes. So far, I'm really liking it.

I don't watch Castles so I can't comment on that show, sorry sweets.

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