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So last night was the season 2 finale. I almost didn't watch cause Army Wives has been getting on my nerves lately.

Trevor and Roxy- Trevor wants a baby. Roxy isn't feeling that idea. She keeps saying she's busy at Betty's. But then Betty's nephew comes waltzing in saying he wants the bar. At first it looks like he wants to be a partner but then he offers to buy out Roxy. Which the amount he offers is a joke. Then he threatens to take Roxy to court. As of right now, the nephew is a butthead.

At first Trevor is telling Roxy to take him up on the offer as a business partner. But after he tries to low ball her, you could tell he was proud of Roxy for ripping up the check (Nephew offered $30,000).

Michael and Claudia Joy- It sucks they are leaving. But Claudia Joy was right, sooner or later, someone would have to leave. I just didn't expect it to be them.

Then Emmalin runs away with Logan, which I find that hard to swallow. I don't believe Logan would jeopardize his military career like that. And I can't believe Emmalin would let him. What if he later resents her for it?

Joan and Roland- I knew as soon as Michael's replacement came and mentioned he was buddies with Evan, Joan's number was up. She knew it too. And the look on Evan's face when she was told she was being replaced was like, "Neener neener." Ugh. But then to send her to Iraq so soon? I don't like that at all. I really felt bad for Joan when she was crying holding her baby.

Pam and Chase- Ok, so Pam was being a little harsh on her radio show about military wives and how their careers come second. But Pam is somewhat right. You married a soldier. You knew your career would suffer for it. It sucks but what can you do? Again, Pam could have worded it differently though. And then Evan canceling her show and replacing with her with his wife? That's just wrong.

Denise and Frank- I no longer like Denise. How can she have these feelings for Getty, and then be all into Mac? If she had feelings for Getty, isn't it a little soon to see where her relationship with Mac could go? Also, I get she's separated and all. But it just seems she wanted an out so she could see other people. Wanting to change and do new things, I get. I understand she was frustrated with Frank who didn't want things to change. But it just seems she doesn't even want to try with her marriage.

Frank, I'm kind of disappointed in. I didn't expect him push that one chick away but he didn't have to hop into bed with her right away. Unless it's, "If Denise can have her fun, why can't I?"

Anyways those are my thoughts.

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You pretty much explained my exact feelings about the finale.

I almost didn't watch it. What do you think will happen next season?

Hi - would it be okay to mail you a screener for the new season of Southland on TNT for possible review? Let me know! -

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