Prison Break-Holy Crap  

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I missed the first half hour. When I started watching, the guys all had the General hostage in his office. The General is smug thinking they guys have nothing. He's going to walk away and the boys will have done all this for nothing. That's where you are wrong General.

At that moment Sarah calls. She has the General's daughter, one of the card holders, at gun point. Now the General is not so smug. He tells the agents to stand down as they leave the room safely.

Once the boys are on their way to the airport, the general sends his men. Linc and Michael split up from Sucre and Mahone. The agents then catch up with Michael where they make him give the bag containing Scylla up. Except Michael had given Scylla to Sucre for safe keeping. Awesome.

Self meets the gang at the warehouse. Gives Michael's their papers saying they are free men. Tells them he'll have an ambulance come get Michael and some others will be shortly to pick the rest of them up.

An hour later Michael calls Self. The number has been disconnected. Self is with receptionist/secret agent girl. She has T-bag cuffed in the back seat. (Gretchen turned on T-bag. Was about to kill him when Secret Agent Girl comes after them and Gretchen escapes) Self asks her if she heard of any other buyers for Scylla. Nope. Secret Agent girl asks to see Scylla and Self shoots her!!!!!!!!

Cut back to Michael opening the envelope only to find blank pieces of paper. WTF?! Self double crossed them! Oh hell no.

And the thing is, I knew something had to open. Because I didn't hear about Prison Break ending mid season. I thought maybe the General or even Wyatt would have showed up as they were turning Scylla over. Nope. Freaking Self double crossed them. Oh hell.

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