Sarah Connor Chronicles-Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point  

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This show confuses me sometimes. I often have to ask my hubby to explain. But I still enjoy the show.

Cromartie's body is missing when John and Cameron go back to Mexico to destroy it. Only one other person knew of it, Ellison. Ellison swears he doesn't know what happened. Liar liar. He had it and turned it over to Weaver. Why? Ugh.

Jesse finds a man from the future, Old Fischer. Turns out not only did he help the machines, he also tortured Derek in the future. Only Derek doesn't remember. Derek at first kind of believes the guy when he says he's not who they think he is. So Jess brings in Young Fischer. Derek notices Old Fischer's tattoo and knows something isn't right. Old Fischer does finally admit he is who is. That he was sent back as a reward. He remembers Derek. Derek makes a move to kill Young Fischer but Jesse kills Old Fischer first. Got that?

What I don't get, why not kill Young Fischer? Or both of them? Wouldn't that make more sense. Hubby thinks that Jesse left Young Fischer alive for a reason. He also thinks Jesse is a double agent. I don't know what to think.

Also going on, Sarah is having weird dreams about 3 dots. They mean something but what. Until next time.

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