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Prison Break

Michael needs surgery or he'll die. Which, we know he's not going to die. So how is Michael going to have the surgery and still be able to help out with Scylla?

The receptionist is an agent. What T-Bag will do with that info, yikes. Gretchen is going get the 6th card from the general. Which my co worker and I kind of figured earlier on. But naughty school girl... so over done Gretchen. lol.

And when Sucre busted out the spanish in frustration when he was standing on the bomb, funny.

Sarah Connor Chronicles

My husband and I both don't like Riley. When Cromartie didn't kill her last week, we kind of hoped something would happen to her this week. Cause she's just... annoying and I don't like her. With her surviving what happened with Mexico maybe she'll be less annoying. Maybe she'll leave!

John was also getting on my nerves. Hopefully he'll start to man up a little. I get he wants to live a somewhat normal life but he knew for a long time he would never have that.

I'm waiting for Derek's girl to turn on him. I know she's up to something, I just don't know what.

Looks like Cromartie seems like he's done for now. Is it just me or was he kind of sexy for a terminator?


Last night's episode was meh. I'm looking forward to next week's with the miniature dollhouse killer and all that. How many more episodes do we have left with Grissom? Do you think he'll be killed off or reunite with Sarah?

Grey's Anatomy

Now that Alex is becoming the man I knew was lurking below the ass munch surface, Izzy starts seeing Denny's ghost. I didn't watch season 2. I missed out on the whole Denny/Izzy story. I get he was the love her life. But next week showing Izzy making out with Denny's ghost... I don't know. It has to be a dream. I don't get why are they bringing this up now. Why not last season when he first died?

I just feel bad for Alex. He's opening up to Izzy. He's trying to be there. He's acting like a total sweetheart and I'd hate form him go revert back to his old self. I really hope they cut crap with Denny and Izzy.

Where oh where has George gone. He gets his residency and now non existent.

Looks like Sloan is eyeballing Lexie. The conversation with Shepard telling Sloan to keep Little Sloan away from Little Grey- funny! I don't know about sloan and lexie though. I was kind of hoping for Lexie and George but looks like that won't happen.

I don't if I like Hunt or not. He's too... macho manly for me. I like manly men, but Hunt is just too much for my taste. And I'm not feeling anything with him and Christina yet. Speaking of Christina, I hope her busting the interns practicing on themselves is wake up call. She needs to teach them so that they don't continue it.

That's it for this week.

I have Bones and Life on Mars recorded. Hopefully I'll get to watch them over the weekend.

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I wonder if the ridiculousness that is Denny's ghost is the writer's revenge for Katherine's remarks??

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