Life on Mars- Who's Bad  

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Ok, thought this beginning clip was funny. Ha ha.

Ok, so after a night of partying, Sam receives a phone call from a phone that's unplugged. It's his mom telling him that if he doesn't respond, they're going to pull him off of life support at 2 pm. Gene walks in shortly saying they have a hostage situation. If the demands aren't met by 2 pm, the hostages die.

Sam has to figure out how to communicate with his mom to not take him off life support and to save the hostages.

My thoughts so far:

I really like this show. I loved when Sam fell off the table and popped back up saying, "who's bad." I like how he could see Maya on the tv via soap opera.

I'm also wondering if what Sam does in 1973 will show up in 2008 when and if he returns. I'm hoping that he'll look up Annie and say, "Told ya I was from the future." That's just me.

Next week Sam meets his dad. That should be good.

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Do come visit some time.

I thought it was cheesy when his 2008 girlfriend told him on the TV that it's okay to move on.

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