Prison Break-Greatness Achieved  

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Wow. Remember when Bellick was an ass in the first season. Thought he was all that and a bag of chips when he was a guard. Then when he landed in Sona, he was whiney spineless coward. This season he started to man up a little. Last night... damn. He totally redeemed himself in my eyes. When Linc was screaming for him to crawl inside. Damn. Damn. Damn. It was kind of sad.

What else did we have going on last night? Gretchen and the General kissing. Ummm.. ewwww. Mahone pushing Wyatt in the water. You should have shot him and them pushed him in Mahone. What if Wyatt somewhat surfaces? My sister found it funny how Wyatt started talking and Mahone was like, "Not listening," and pushed him in.

Michael had some kind of attack. The commercials made it sound like he would die. No. I knew my Michael wouldn't die. He's the main character! I was afraid it might be Sucre. I was hoping and praying it would be freaking T-bag. Why Bellick and not T-Bag!!!! Yeah, who ever came up with that idea is now on my list.

So now I'm wondering what else will happen. What do you think?

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