Gossip Girl: There Might Be Blood  

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You can read an episode recap HERE.

First of all, let me start by saying that Jenny is still annoying the crap out of me! She doesn't care who she steps on as long as she gets her way, and those are the same antics she was up to in Season 1. I'm glad she ran away. I hope she never comes back.

Onto the other characters - Serena remembers Aaron from camp - and everytime she runs into him or calls him, a different girl is around. So when she confronts him at the end of the episode he basically tells her to deal with it. LMAO!! Crap, if a guy I was interested in pulled that shizz with me, no matter how much chemistry was between us, I'd kick his ass to the curb. And Serena should totally do that, because she told Aaron in last week's episode that she wasn't dating right now.

And Blair, poor Blair. Almost outsmarted by a teener bopper out to deflower herself. Awww. I don't like Blair when she's insecure. She was all worried about getting into Yale.

Speaking of which, Dan's stories got rejected at Yale, so he decided to write Chuck's story. Next week looks very interesting.

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Dude, Jenny is sooo annoying! And the new Goth-ish make-up?? So not working. We still know she was Cindy Lou Who. LOL

I liked that Lily wouldn't press charges against Jenny, though. Couldn't you just see the steam coming out of Rufus' ears? Heh.

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