Prison Break- Quiet Riot  

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My thoughts on Prison Break for this week.

First of all, what was it Gretchen sent Michael? What is Sara doing just sitting on the bench? I must know!

The alarm went off when Michael touched Scylla. The General was alerted and they are all rushing over towards Scylla. It has to be all part of the plan. Michael wouldn't have gotten that far to think there wouldn't be one last security measure. I'm anxious to see how that move plays out.

Self and receptionist, her name escapes me, are now being held captive. I knew it was a trap. Knew it. Self and home girl should have been more cautious. I wonder who she is to Self.

Wasn't it sweet that Sucre was praying for Michael. I really like Sucre. I hope nothing ever happens to him except finally reuniting with Maricruz.

The whole time they were breaking though the wall, I was nervous. Cause you knew something was going to happen. Sure enough there was a close call with Sucre almost dropping the canister. Had I been there, I would've caused so many close calls, they would have left me for dead.

Turns out the little girl at Gretchen's sister's house is her daughter with the General's. That's just kind of.. ewww. After he realizes she was really trying to get the 6th card instead of some nookie, he tells her that he'll shoot her if she ever shows her face again. Which you know they'll meet again.

We'll see what happens next week.

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