True Blood - final thoughts  

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So tonight's episode was the season one finale. It ends with a dead body in Andy Bellefleur's car. Which is where the second book picks up, so it's all good. It makes sense now that character Marianne being introduced the way she was. I didn't like that at first, but now it's all making sense. LOL

So that was interesting about Bill sacrificing himself to save Sookie - although it doesn't quite happen like that in the book. Overall, there were quite a few changes from the book that I really didn't like. I will say this though, I'm watching season two, if there is one (I haven't done my homework to see if this show is getting picked up or not). I'm enough of a fan to keep watching. Plus the opening credit song is just so catchy!

What are your thoughts on the show?

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So did they ever show the man from memphis? Are they even going to?

They didn't show him yet. When Bill went away (to some tribunal thing for killing the bartender - which isn't what happens in the book, btw) he asked Sam to watch Sookie. So maybe they won't.

They're doing a second season. :o) An article I read last week said this show was the hit HBO had been needing since SaTC wrapped.

It even said it would start sooner than the usual gap on summer, I want to say. Yay!

I can't get into this show the same way I couldn't get into SATC, I think something is wrong with me.

Next June/July kiddies. It will still be coupled with Entourage's season as well.

I still haven't read the books, still feel ambivalent about the show, but can't seem to stop myself from watching.

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