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I spend less and less time watching TV these days. There's just so many other things that I spend my time doing. I've been reading more, spending time with my family and then there's the writing thing. As much time as I'm spending NOT watching TV, you should know that I'm still watching at least ONE of my shows every week.

Two shows, actually.

One Tree Hill is one of them. Not much is really going on except Nathan quit Slam Ball and he's talking to a dead Quintin. Q is like one of his imaginary friends. Brooke is dealing with her teenage roommate and then Haley's singing at Peyton's little concert for the troops and Sam is working her debt off for Peyton since she wrecked her wedding dress, Mouth is trying to figure out what the hell he's going to do about Gigi and Lucas is struggling over his jealousy of Julian and Peyton's past love.

And now my thoughts on it all:

Nathan: Nathan's storyline is pretty tame compared to everyone else's drama. It was good to see Q again, even if we saw him as a ghost. I'm glad that Q came back to show Nathan what he was giving up and making Nathan own up to why he quit Slamball. It was cute to see them two bonding over basketball (or slamball whatever) again because I didn't realize how much I miss Q on the show until I saw him back tonight. I can't wait to see what Nathan does with all of this new insight that he has into himself. And can I just say....NATHAN IS FINE! That boy has grown up since that little piece of shit that I could not stand in the first season!

Haley: Not much to say where Haley's concerned because she doesn't have much of a storyline right now. Her biggest thing on tonight's show was that she was having stage freight right now and that wasn't all that big because she did a great job lip synching so meh, that's how I feel about Haley's storyline right now.

Millicent and Mouth: Okay this whole Millicent being jealous thing is getting on my nerves. I know she doesn't trust Gigi and she has every right to not trust that little shit but I hate that she's not showing much trust in Mouth. Don't trust Gigi but goodness, show a little faith in Mouth. It's starting to piss me off.

Brooke: When the heck is Brooke and Owen going to get back together? I hope that she hooks it up with him because she needs a man in her life. Everyone in her life has someone to go home to except for her. Brooke Davis needs love too dammit! Now that we've got Peyton and Lucas all situated, let's switch our focus over to Brooke and take care of her. I love Owen but I'm not at all adverse to seeing some Julian and Brooke action. That would definitely be an interesting hook up, don't you think? I'm crossing my fingers for that one.

Lucas and Peyton (and well Julian too): This is the storyline that I'm most vested in. I'm trying to figure what Julian's agenda is. Is he back in Peyton's life to try to get her back or does he really believe in Lucas' book? I don't believe that. I don't believe that he really wants to make this movie because he believes in this book. I really think that he's back to try to get Peyton back and if Peyton falls for this jerk (really, HOT jerk but jerk nonetheless) I swear I'm going to karate chop her in the neck and bust a roundhouse kick to her face! Lucas and Peyton are doing good right now and though I think they need a dramatic storyline (which this one fits perfectly into that) Peyton BETTER NOT mess this up.

I want the best friend triangle to be brought back to life through Brooke and Julian and then maybe Peyton will finally realize why Brooke was so pissed off about Lucas and Peyton. That's the storyline that I want to see happen on One Tree Hill next. That would have me tuning in with relish each and every week.

Now on to next week's episode...what the heck is all that about? The back in the day business? I guess we'll just have to tune in next week for all of that goodness.

Until next week...

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