Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa  

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So I took a bunch of kiddies to see Madagascar 2 this weekend. (Again, cannot stress how wonderful having a big family is - I'll ALWAYS have a little kid at hand to take to see a kid movie. hehe)

We all enjoyed it of course. From the sullen teenager right down to the spoiled princess I call my goddaughter, we were all laughing. I like the lemur king, monkeys and penguins. And the kids enjoyed the four main characters more. Which makes sense. :P

So Mad2 picks up after Mad1. The penguins have reassembled the plane (remember the plane that the lemurs met in in the first movie?) and created a giant slingshot. Why? So the animals could go back to New York. Unfortunately, the plane doesn't make the trans-atlantic flights and crash lands somewhere in Africa. So the crew really are now in the WILD.

Good times, good times. The old granny is back - she's still beating on lions with her purse. LOL And we get to see Alex as a baby lion. Awww, he's so cute.

I recommend going to see this movie if you have young children. Adults without kids, you can wait for the DVD. :P

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