Life on Mars- How I Roll  

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I haven't watched last night's episode yet (just about to after watching this clip). But i saw this sneak peek on you tube and had to share. Too funny.

I love the end when says, "How I roll." LOL!

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Gord was watching it when I got home last night. I wasn't allowed to talk to him 'til it was over. He said it was a good show.

I haven't watched this week's either. I HEART Sam though. :)

I liked last weeks...all the stuff with his Mom. How weird must that be, I mean even for a dude who got transported back in time. ;)

Teena- It was. I finally watched it. This is my favorite part in the entire episode.

Mollie-yeah, last week was a good one. I wonder if we find out what happened to his dad.

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