Movie Review: Role Model  

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Starring: Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bobbe' J. Thompson.
Rating: R
Grade: B+

Danny and Wheeler are two salesmen who trash a company truck on an energy drink-fueled bender. Upon their arrest, the court gives them a choice: do hard time or spend 150 service hours with a mentorship program. After one day with the kids, however, jail doesn't look half bad. Surrounded by annoying do-gooders, Danny struggles with his every neurotic impulse to guide Augie through the trials of becoming a man.

Unfortunately, the guy just dumped by his girlfriend has only sarcasm to offer a bashful 16-year-old obsessed with medieval role play. Meanwhile, charming Wheeler tries to trade in an addiction to partying and women to assist a fifth-grader named Ronnie in redirecting his foul-mouthed ways. It would probably help if Ronnie's new mentor wasn't an overgrown adolescent whose idea of quality time includes keggers in Venice Beach. Once the center's ex-con director gives them an ultimatum, Danny and Wheeler are forced to tailor their brand of immature wisdom to their charges. And if they can just make it through probation without getting thrown in jail, the world's worst role models will prove that, sometimes, it takes a village idiot to raise a child.
After we were stuffed from our Thanksgiving feast, a bunch of us piled into the car and went to the movies. I wanted to see Twilight again but since everybody had already seen the movie with me, HA! I settled on seeing this movie instead.

I'm so effing glad we went to see this movie because we laughed from the beginning of the movie when we met all of the characters until the very end when we were cheering the country of KISS My Anthia! We wanted to be Kiss my Anthians so bad after the movie was finished, this movie was that funny.

This movie starts off with the two main characters, Danny and Wheeler, they're friends and co workers and they work for a energy drink company which has this promotional thing to keep kids off of drugs and drinking Minataur I think it's called...whatever, it's frickin' funny. They visit schools all over and Danny speaks about staying off of drugs and drinking their drink and Wheeler is dressed up as a Minataur and just shakes his butt and dances around while screaming, "TASTE THE BEAST!"

Danny hates his life so he's like out to make everyone else's life as miserable as his is. His girlfriend dumps him and he kind of goes on a mean streak of wreckless behavior which lands him and Wheeler in a whole lot of trouble.

Their punishment? They've got to be Big Brothers to some kids in a program called Sturdy Hands.

Danny gets paired up with an older kid named Auggie and he's into all that fantasy shit. He's really into the mock battles which makes me think of Lord of the Rings type stuff and I swear, that kid is one strange kid but oh so funny. He was a good kid, a good kid who was just misunderstood by his parents and he added all kinds of funny to this movie.

Wheeler gets paired with a young black kid named Ronnie and I swear I loved this little kid. He had a mouth on him that would have gotten him smacked all day long had he been in my family. He was just this bad ass little kid with a smart mouth and an evil little mind. The stuff that this kid got into had me laughing my ass off.

I thought that each kid was perfectly paired to the adults. They were all like minded without even knowing that they were. The cast was fantastic and just the whole thing of this movie screamed funny to me. It was a really fun movie to watch after eating such a humongous meal, I felt like I lost 10 pounds from laughing those calories away.

The ending of the movie was just frickin' classic. Hilarious. I frickin' loved it! It was seriously good comedy. Ronnie was the bomb, Auggie was outstanding and Danny then Wheeler rounded off this movie as the funniest movie I've seen all year. Too frickin' funny.

The rest of the cast did a fantastic job of making this movie even funnier. The King of Cynthonians I think they were called did a great job of creeping me the freak out. Everyone from Laire was fanfrickintastic, we walked out of the movies talking like all of them and Beth was pretty great too.

Would I recommend this to you guys to watch? Heck yes, if you're in the mood for a whole lot of laughs then this is the movie for you!

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I wanna see this one. Maybe this week!

You should Teena, it's a great funny flick!

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