*2 for 1 Special * The Vampire Diaries - Pilot (Epi 1) & True Blood - Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Epi 12)  

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Alrighty guys...so actually not TO much happened for our pilot epi of VD.

We meet pretty Elena Gilbert. Elenas parents died about 4 months back and she trys to put on a front every day to hide her hurt. Everyone SORTA buys it except the new guy Stefan. Stefan is in a few of Elenas classes and shes kinda crushing on him...like everyone else in the school! ;op~ We get to have a bit of back and forth convo's with Elena and Stefan. We learn that his parents are also dead (duh hes a vamp they better be by now) and we also learn that Elena has a strong resemblance to a old girlfriend (we guess?!?!) that he used to be head over heels for obviously. We also meet a few other characters...Bonnie Elenas best friend - I liked Bonnie EXCEPT did she have to say "I predict" about a million times...we get it already shes going to have powers!!! Shut the blabbing up! lol And we also got to meet Caroline - It looks like E and Bonnie 'stand' her being around but dont particularly like her (btw in the books they hate each other even though they all used to be friends). We meet Mat- Hes E's football; player ex boyfriend whom they BETTER NOT make a jerk b/c I TOTALLY crush on him in the books b/c hes such a sweetie pie and lastly we meet Damon!!! WOOT WOOT! Damon is Stefans brother and we don't get to far past that! lol We know hes stronger than Stefan and that he too knows about E!

The biggest thing that happened is that Valarie got bit by someone in the woods while everyone was at a party...ok shes a little druggy girl obviously b/c she goes to E's little bro so I really dont mind she got bit but she makes it and tells peeps it was a vamp whom did it...was it Stefan...Damon...someone else?!?!? ;op

Ok So that didnt say much about the epi but like I said not alot happened. I will say it wasnt the BEST epi ever BUT it was the first and in the first parts of shows you gotta learn everyone and who they are and what they do etc. BUT I did think Stefan was adorable and Elena (besides nto having blond hair) was cast perfectly. I cant wait for this weeks epi...Do yu think this show will make it???

Quick...one word to describe the season finale...LACKING! Ok ok I love Sookie and I hate that Im even saying this but wth?!?!? This epi was so ridiculous. Idk...I mean it did sum everything up but it was all just too weird and Ill tell you right now Im glad Maryann died b/c whos with me in saying "Can we get on with the damn show and quit with the weird shit?!?"

So heres the deets...

We last left Sookie in her house with everyone all crazed over the precious egg and the meat statue outside! lol They dressed Sook in a white dress and told her she was going to be the maid of honor in the wedding...to whom you ask...well to Sam and Maryann...only Sam was gonna die at the end! lol Eggs (did I mention how much I hate this guy) stabbed Sam in the tum tum and it all went down hill from there...Sookie runs over to the meat statue (thats what Im calling it) and shocks it (once again...where is this power coming from???) and it blew to shreds...OH WAIT and she threw that huge ass egg and that was pretty gross. Did anyone notice there wasnt a yolk?!? lol Ok anyways so Sook goes running off b/c Maryann decides to play in the sand and pull out some creepy ass claws...once again Sookies running from Maryann and her claws and wait...what do we see...a FREAKING bull...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Well Maryann decides that her "god" and goes to hug it...only sucks to be her b/c its Sam and he kills her. Then her crushes her heart and she dies.

Actually I think the best parts where kinda after the drama...Sookie and Tara make up and Eggs is all cray cray b/c Sookie helps him realize he killed people (good one Sook) and Jason shoots him in the head b/c he attacks Andy! Tara freaks but we all know its for the best. Bill buys Sookie this REALLY pretty purple dress and takes her out to eat (I didnt like her hair-do btw) he EFFING ASKS HER TO MARRY HIM...and she freaks (typical Sookie...and I was happy b/c that stays with her character) but then she goes to the bathroom and decides to say yes (not Sookies character at ALL) but she comes out to find someone has taken Bill?!?!

Ok Im pissed b/c Eric played...oh 5 mins in the epi and I dont think the book Sookie wouldve said yes to the proposal at all! She freaks at commitment we all know this. She claims to want it but when she gets it she finds a problem with it. Like I said Idk it was just lacking in areas and I didnt get the fill I was looking for...OH WAIT and Jess sucks some hicks blood so I guess shes going to be bad next season. lol

What did yall think!??! Satisfied??? Where do you think Bill went??? With LORENA?!?!?!

Im sad its over till next year esp since my replacement wont have sex in it! LOL!!! Dont forget to come talk with me about my replacement show The Vampire Diaries! :o)

~Until next time~

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Amen on the True Blood observations. I soooo glad Mary Ann is gone. And what's with everyone not remembering anything? I think it would be better if they did.

Ya AMEN to getting rid of Maryann...I couldve done with less of this story! I guess everyone looses their memory with 'blackeyes' lol so are you going to watch VD?

Lots of weird endings to the storylines. The MaryAnn part ended so quickly to tie up the loose ends. How did Sam end up at the bull? I thought he had to see one to take its shape ... since when does Sookie have bulls roaming around?

I'm not a fan of Bill's so didn't care that he'd been taken. I did like Sookie's dress.

Good point about Sam and the bull. The only bull I can think of is the head they put at the top of the meat statue...idk im just glad shes gone. Oh and ya I was happy Bill was gone! lol

For Sam, does it matter when he's seen the bull? If he'd seen or encountered a bull at any time in his life...can't he turn into one?

You know, I enjoyed the finale--I can see where some people might not like it but overall I enjoyed it.

Although there was not NEARLY enough Eric.

And I'm pretty sure Eric is NOT the one who took Bill. The way the episode played out it's what they're leading you to believe...which makes me certain it's NOT Eric.

Season 3 better have a lot more Eric. :)

Ya Im pretty sure its Lorena who took Bill! And I'm SO with you on the Eric bit...WHERE WAS HE?!?!?! I already miss him...*sigh too long till Season 3!!!

I read an article where Alan Ball was interviewed and he says its not LOrena who stole Bill but someone else, NOT ERIC.

And he said there wasn't a lot of Eric in the season finale b/c it might spoil something for Season 3. So all nice and cryptic, but I wanted more ERIC!! LOL

WOW... both pieces of info you just gave me...wow idk what to think now?!?! lol

I don't think Lorena took Bill ... I think it's something else totally weird so they can follow that storyline next year ... and then you find out what it is at the end maybe.

But she did leave very quietly, didn't she?

Ya she did so I think there is more of her to come...maybe next season. Idk Im just trying to think of the books and you know he gets taken by her at one point so I thought maybe that was then. Well darn guess we will find out NEXT season :o/

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