The Vampire Diaries - Friday Night Bites (Season 1, Epi 3)  

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Ooooo...good epi! Ok so we jump right back to Tyler being a little punk ass and trying to show up the new guy Stefan! lol On a new fresh day of school Tyler tries to throw a football at the back of Stefans head while talking to Elena (ya how mature can you get) but Stefans quick vampire reflexes kick in and he catches it! :o) The entire school sees and this leads into him trying out for the football team! Of course he makes it...just in time for Elena to quit cheerleading (totally prompted by Damon)!

Bonnie is VERY wary of Stefan b/c last epi she accidentally brushed against him and got a horrible death like feeling! Elena seeing (and having to hear) Bonnies warnings for Stefan decides to have a little meal over at her house for the 3 to get to know one another...BUT here comes Damon and his bewitched girlfriend Caroline to crash their quaint party. Damon gets invited in to Elena's house (and we all know when it comes to vamps thats a no no) and so now Stfans is freaked! He gives Elena a necklace that has a special herb in it to protect her from Damons "charm" actually comes in handy after he tries to kiss Elena at the football game. She totally smacks the bajasus outta him! lol

Going back to Damon and Caroline...we learned in the last epi she got bit by him while doing some hanky panky and hes still there the next morning for more! EPP! So this basically turns into some bewitching on damons part! I think hes just doing it to obviously be around Elena! Damon freaks later on after him and Stfan have a confrontation and he attacks Mr. Tanner. I hated Mr. Tanner and I already knew he was a gonner b/c Ive read the books. Personally Im glad Damon did what he did b/c that guy was such a jerk!

The Vickie/Tyler/Jeremy story continues like it has been. Jeremy...poo soul is so lost! All he cares about is Vickie and I fret that her not wanting him back just pushes him into his drugs even more. Him and Tyler get into a small tussle at the football game that leaves Stefan saving the day. Jeremys bong cuts Stefans hand and Elena sees it! He later shows her there isnt a mark and that leads her to talk to Bonnie again about her feelings towards Stefan.

Lastly I must address the preview we all seen that shows Stefan and Elena getting hot-n-heavy...ya it was a dream dangit! UGH! And worst of all you find out she screamed b/c Stefans face turned into Damons! EPP! Oh btw...I prefer Stefan 100% to Damon. Damon was actually kinda puney without his shirt on...hmmm...

This show is going pretty well for me! I really enjoy it and have to say that its better than the books! I cant wait until next week!

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Dammit, I missed it tonight. Had people over and I forgot to DVR it so now I gotta wait to watch it online sometime. Ugh.

I think they are pretty good about posting it quick on the CW site! Check it out there! It was a pretty good one!

I am loving this series! I haven't read the books, and probably won't but every Ths at 8, HOOKED. I can't wait to see what happens next week!

Isn't this show just the greatest! :o) And ya the books are nothing compared to the show!

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