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This show is so different from the other shows that I'm watching because it's not an in your face, action packed show. It's a drama and it's all angsty and slow to develop but you can tell that they're building up to something that has the potential to be big. It's just taking a while for it to get there.

In tonight's episode, Elena meets Damon and Stefan is pissed about that. Stefan is running around trying to fix the mess that Damon is making for him around town. He had to convince Vicki that it was an animal that attacked her and not a vampire. And all the while he's doing this, he's growing closer and closer to Elena. Then there was Elena and Jeremy's aunt who had a parent/teacher conference and was basically told that she was an unfit guardian for Elena and Jeremy. Jeremy isn't helping matters with his not listening to the aunt business and the more sullen he gets, the more pissed off I get at him. He reminds me of Annie on 90210. The bratty, look at me, I'm hurting attitude is really getting tired and pissing me off.

At the end of the show when Elena goes to see Stefan to tell him what she would have written in her diary, I thought it was cheesy but still cute and then when Stefan told Elena what he would have written, my panties melted because man, he was hecka sexy. *sigh* Their first kiss was sweet, I loved it!

Not much else of import happened, at least that I could remember but I did enjoy it. Well, I enjoyed the hell out of watching Stefan on the small screen. He's smexy. Like seriously, I want to lick him up and down kind of smexy. He's not strikingly beautiful but he's sexy. He's got this personality that just leaps off the screen screaming, I'm sexy, hear me roar and I love it!

I'm still interested to see where the writers are going to take this show so I'll keep watching it but man, I forgot that Fringe comes on Thursdays as well so I'm booked up solid on Thursday nights cause I gotta watch my Fringe. Woo hoo, Peter Bishop is back, LOVE HIM!

So who else watched VD tonight? What are your thoughts?

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Watched it. Damn, damon is being a little buttmunch isn't he?

I know, did they mention why he hates Stefan so much? I mean, I know that he said that he vowed to make his life a living hell or whatever but did they mention what happened to make them bitter enemies and all that?

I wonder what it was.

Oh and yes, he's a big time buttmunch.

No they didnt mention it but I KNOW!!! lol ;op

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