Bones- The Bond in the Boot  

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A body is found being eaten by kitties and the body's is not attached to it. Turns out the guy was carrying a brief case full of diamonds. Another guy had shot him and cut off his hand. Cause the brief case full of diamonds was handcuffed to him. Booth and the guys get all excited when they find a James bond like car used to run the guy over. There is blood dripping from the car and find a body in the trunk of the car. That was just about gross. Especially when the guy’s face was sliding off. Ewwww. They find a gun that James Bond is famous for using in his movies. The gun was used to shoot the diamond guy.

Turns out the body in the trunk was a CIA analyst. He managed to hide the brief case before he was tortured and killed. The cia guy managed to send a picture of himself to his girlfriend that had clues as to what was going on. Turns out the brief case wasn’t full of diamonds but a flash drive.

Now the good stuff.

Booth forgot his handyman skills and he wants to fix his plumbing. Not that plumbing pervs, he doesn’t want to pay $800 to have someone fix his sink. Brennan finds him a copy of Plumbing for Dummies. Booth is happy she gave it to him but then she gives the receipt. Something about not wanting to take away his man points for giving him the book.

The end of the episode, Booth and Brennan are both trying to fix his sink. Both of them are laying on their stomachs with their heads underneath the sink. Booth’s legs are up and kind of just swaying. Too cute. There is a moment when his hand touches hers. And then he reaches over her to turn on the water. Sigh… Almost like an embrace. And then water starts shooting out. Didn’t do too good of a job fixing it.

Wendell is the new intern!!! YAY! He’s my favorite cause well he was the cutest. Yes I’m shallow like that. Don’t judge me. Also he seems like a nice guy. He’s so happy to be working with Brennan and the gang. Except his scholarship has run out funding. Unless Cam can find another one for him, he’s out. So she’s trying to avoid telling him until the last possible moment.

Angela asks Brennan about starting up her own scholarship fund (cause Brennan is loaded) for Wendell. She explains she already gives to charities. Angela says yeah.. but… Brennan says something about not getting sentimental about her interns. Which I call bull. Cause about what Zack? She cared about him! Unless that’s why she chooses to not care now.. Hmmm.

Anyways, Brennan lets it slip to Wendell about his scholarship and he’s shocked. And I’m little upset with Brennan with how cold she is about it. Poor guy. But he continues to pour his little heart out into his work. With 10 minutes left before the CIA takes over the case. Booth tells Wendell it’s like the last 10 minutes of a hockey game. When the CIA comes in to take the body, Wendell says, "We're still in regulation! We've got four minutes on the clock!"

As Wendell is leaving and saying good bye, Cam rushes in saying an anonymous donation was made to fund Wendell’s scholarship for 2 years. YAY! And… turns out enough money was donated for 3 scholarships. So does that mean the other interns are coming back too?

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