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OMG, the beginning of this show had me dying. Kurt was the bomb Beyonce singing Single Ladies and when he auditioned for the role of kicker ....AND GOT IT? I was laughing like a loon. Gotta love Kurt!

I love Rachel, really I do but she is getting on my nerves with how selfish she is being with the whole Glee thing. I'm really pissed that she can't understand what Will is doing with the rest of the members in Glee. He explains why he's doing what he's doing and still she's being the selfish little shit that nobody likes. I'm starting to see why nobody likes her. She's so frickin' all about herself. She needs to realize that she can't win regionals without her and she can't win without them. That's gonna be a real kicker of a lession that she's gonna learn.

Alright, I cannot believe how stupid Finn is. Seriously, I cannot believe how he can actually believe he's going to be a father without having had sex with Quinn. I wonder if she's really pregnant or if she's desperate to keep him because he's been showing so much interest in Rachel lately. I guess we're just going to have to keep watching to find out. But seriously, a clue or at the very least, check out a book on pregnancy. I totally called it, I knew that Finn's best friend was the daddy. Frickin' A that's going to be interesting because there goes Rachel's in to Finn's heart.

I frickin' adore Kurt and when he scored the winning point at the football game, I thought it was adorable! Kurt is the bomb!

Oh and I'm totally digging the Will and Emma hug. When is Will and Teri getting divorced already? Yeesh. Teri is going to take Quinn's baby! Ugh, I'm anxious for more Glee. I cannot frickin' wait to next week because Rachel slaps Finn, I wonder why. I bet you it's because Rachel quit Glee because she didn't get the lead part and Finn called her on her selfishness and if that's the reason he gets slapped then I will seriously be cheering Finn on. Love him!

Woo frickin' hoo, until next week...

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Ok, i totally agree with Rachel. She was acting like a spoiled, selfish little bitch. And then she quiet because she didn't get the solo. ugh!!!

Ok...Terri. I can't believe her sister is going to be in on it. That pisses me off too. And she's eyeballing Quinn's baby. Quinn lying to Finn about him being the father. Ugh!! this whole story line, I don't like. I never liked these story lines even on AMC.

Kurt was too cute. I was laughing when the football players busted out with single ladies.

I loved the part when they were all on the field dancing...I DIED laughing! lol And ya her to pieces BUT she needs to calm down! Shes so into herself she isnt seeing the other people in the group. And ya Finn and Quinn...UGH! It was a surprise it was his friends baby! (The friend is hot btw lol). I cant wait till next week!

So I finally watched the first episode of Glee online last night! LOVE it! Looking forward to getting all caught up!

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