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With the first week of season premieres all wrapped up, I'm going to post my thoughts on all of the new shows and well, just all of the shows that premiered this week that I watched.


90210: I watched this episode with an eye on the TV and my mind switching back from the conversations going around the living room and texting with my friends, Ralph and Grace. I caught myself up on what I missed toward the end of last season. I introduced myself to the new folks of 90210, Liam (never met him before) and Teddy, picked my eyes off the ground as my brain wrapped itself around the fact that Silver and Naomi are friends now and Annie is on the outs with just about everyone. Even a blind bat can tell that Annie didn't sleep with Liam but whatever, I'm still trippin' on the fact that Annie hit someone while drunk driving and that person died. She's being a spoiled brat about every little thing with her family, the people that she should have been leaned on but she's trying to handle it on her and if you ask me, she's not doing such a great job of it. I didn't miss Ethan as much as I thought I was going to but as much as I love Silver, her storyline with Dixon for me is so blah. I do not care for them as a couple. I don't even know why. Every time I see them on screen, I think...boring.

Will I be watching the rest of the season? Yeah, for the moment. Until I start getting bored with it again. Oh and Navid was a cutie as always. Love him!

Melrose Place: I'm not sure what I was thinking with this new show. I spent most of the show, looking at how old Sydney got and how handsome Michael Mancini is. Then I spent the rest of the show trying to remember who Michael was married to at the end of the first Melrose run. I just can't for the life of me remember, does anyone else remember? I was also wondering what other characters from the old Melrose will be making an appearance in this new show. I hope they bring Jake back. I wouldn't mind seeing Allison or Billy too. Me and Ralph spent the whole show drooling over Costas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies who plays Jonah in this show. Such a cutie patootie. Chef boy (Josh from All My Children, I think that's his name...Erika's son) is a cutie patootie and so is blonde hair boy.

It was pretty crazy finding Sydney floating in the pool on the first episode. I thought she would at least be on the show for a little while before they killed her off but I guess not. This first season will be spent finding out who killed Sydney. Everyone is a suspect. I don't think it was Chef Boy. I think he's covering for someone but I'm not sure who.

I'll continue to watch this one as long as it keeps my interests...I can't promise more than that though. I'm curious but that's about it.


This is going to be my favorite show of the season, I just know it. I already fangirled the hell out of this show on Wednesday so you guys already know how much I love this show. Watch it!


Vampire Dairies:
Vampire Diaries is the only show that I watch on least for now, it is. I liked this show. It wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be, well let me rephrase wasn't this big overdone show that I thought it was going to be but I did enjoy it and I am looking forward to more from this show. I didn't read any of the books so I didn't know about the differences between the show and the book so nothing like that bothered me and I'm seriously looking forward to more between Elena and Stefan. Damon is already getting on my hot damn nerves so I can totally see him doing much more to get on my nerves. Jeremy is getting on my nerves too. I wonder just what his character will have in store for the rest of the well as Vicki. I just gotta ask: Why in the hell would you go off alone by yourself in the woods at night time? Seriously Vicki? Why? I thought that was pretty stupid of her but whatever, now with her whispering VAMPIRE to Matt while she's laying in the hospital bed is sure to cause up some drama so all in all, I'm curious enough to see what this show has to offer. I'll keep watching.

Those are the only shows that I watched this week, the new series/season premieres and I'm curious enough to watch the rest of the shows throughout the season.

Tonight is the return of One Tree Hill and whoa, I'm pretty anxious to see just what they're going to do with both Payton and Lucas gone. Will they sink or swim? We'll see...

What were your favorite series premieres from last week?

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