True Blood - Frenzy (Season 2, Epi 11)  

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Hey guys! Time for your weekly dish on True Blood! I know everyone is getting antsy about the season finale coming up! Man it seems like just yesterday when we were seeing Bill and Sook reunite! *sigh...all good things must come to an end.

Alrighty lets get to the nitty-gritty shall we?!? HELLO how gorgeous is Sophie-Ann?!?! And her acting (I thought) was probably the BEST True Blood has ever seen! You cant help but totally smile when Evan Rachel Wood plays Sophie. Her carefree nature really brings the crazed-out Sophie to life! And WOW who do we get to meet...well none other than Sookies cousin Hadley! Bill goes to Sophie to possibly find out information about how to kill Mary-Ann and save the town of Bon temps. Bill gets suckered into staying over a night where he meets Hadley AND he actually feeds off of some weird ass guy...I wonder if that will come back to BITE him in the ass! lol Get I'll keep going. Well one of my fav parts was when Sam came to Eric (whom I'm not to happy that we don't get to see him all too much this epi) and Eric decides that he will ALSO go see Sophie-Ann to help out. Eric and Bill have a face off of some sorts (which totally got me going) and youre left wondering if Eric WILL stay away from Bill woman...ya right!

In the meantime back in Bon Temps Sookie, Layfette, Tara and Taras mom are all hiding out and waiting for Bill to return with information on how to save the town. Tara talks her mother into letting her go and steals Sookies car to go after non other than her "one true love" Eggs...who could love a guy named Eggs anyways?!?! lol When Tara arrives she meets with Mary ann only to have her get the "black eyes" again and...Im not quite sure but maybe lay an egg?!? LMAO...ok heres how I see it...Tara and Eggs have sex...Eggs name is...well...EGGS...therefore instead of her getting preggers...she lays...AN EGG! Idk thats just my thought on whats laying in grans bed when Sookie gets up there to save Tara! lmao! OH and how sad was it that Layfette got "black eyes" too. I mean really thats the only person Sookie has at the moment.

*sign...ok so it was yet ANOTHER great epi...looking back not TOO much content but enough to keep you on the edge of your seats right?!? SO...I think the real question here is what do YOU want to happen...who do YOU want to see more of...COME ON GUYS this is our final hour. Im gonna miss talking about True Blood with my little faithful watchers so what do you wanna see. What do you think will happen?

Me...I wanna see Bill die and Sookie have hard core sex with Eric...will that happen...ehhh I dont think so but hey wishful thinking right?!?!

In closing always remember...

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Great show tonight!

I thought Jason was a hoot tonight when that woman at the jail was begging him to let her give him a BJ!

I wanted to smack Tara's mom for letting her go!

I was sad to see Lafayette become one of them. Not a surprise, though.

That egg in the bed was very puzzling.

Eric licking his lips at the kids was creepy ... but you know already I'm not a fan of his.

I didn't recognize Evan Rachel Wood ... and I just saw her in "The Wrestler" a couple nights ago!

Ya I didn't like Eric licking his lips at the kiddies :o/ I would rather him lick his lips at me but you know how that goes! lol Ya WHAT IS UP with that still convinced its Tara and Eggs egg...that just sounds weird. One more epi left :*(

The egg was def weird. Not sure where they're going with that. But yes the Eggs/egg bit can't be a coincidence....

Even though there wasn't much was priceless. The "teacup humans" comment had my roomie and I rolling. SOOO funny. And the "good by tiny humans"....haha I heart Eric!

Think they'll end with them actually killing/getting rid of Maryanne or will they hold off till the beginning of next season?

I'm hoping it ends with Maryann getting the boot! Im ready to be done with her...although I have to say I enjoy seeing her cute dresses she always wears! We better get more Eric in the last epi...I want a Eric & Sookie kiss! *sigh or a Monroe & Eric know...whatever works! ;op

They have to get rid of MaryAnn so they can start with a new storyline next time.

Lets hope so...I mean I REALLY think they will but then again you NEVER know! Hey...What happens in the third book anyways...I forget?

IS ANYONE GONNA WATCH VAMPIRE DIARIES??? B/c I think Ill start doing my wkly posts about it!

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