Fall TV - What We're Looking Forward To  

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Summer is over and with it is the onslaught of season premieres and new tv shows to check out. Here are the shows that we're looking forward to the most.


The old shows that I cannot wait for this coming season are:

One Tree Hill- It's going to be interesting to see how the season goes without the two main characters that the show was built around, Lucas and Peyton...WAHHH!

Fringe- I'm really interested in seeing if a romantic relationship between Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunnam grow. I'm hoping it will...eventually. I'm also really interested in seeing if Peter will ever find out Walter's big secret...or if Peter will ever find out that he died and that he's really from that alternate reality. This season has the chance to be really good. I can't wait to watch it.

Brothers and Sisters- Kitty and Robert are having marital problems and I'm anxious to see what happens with those two as well as seeing what happens with Kevin and the baby. Lots and lots of things to look forward to with this show.

New shows that I want to watch this fall:

Glee- I cannot wait for this show to come back on. I loved the pilot episode of this show and I can't wait to see what else this show has in store for us this coming season.

Cougartown- This is a new show that stars Courtney Cox and I'm really excited to watch this show because I think the guy thats in it is a cutie patootie and I love watching him on the small screen. I don't know his name but he's a cutie patootie. Josh Hopkins, that's his name.

Vampire Diaries- I am sooo going to watch this show. I may be on a paranormal hiatus while reading but not while watching T.V. I'm mighty curious about this show and I am so going to be tuning in each week to see this show play out. I can't wait!

NCIS Los Angeles- Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J on a NCIS Team? I'm so checking this show out. LL Cool J is an ex-Navy SEAL. Yeah, I'm watching.

Trauma- I wanna check this out because the guy from Whale Rider is on here.

Melrose Place- Alright, I'm curious...what can I say? I wanna check this out.

Three Rivers- This has sexy Mick from Moonlight so I'm tuning in just for him. It's a doctor show, I think I can dig it.

Shows that fell off my radar last season:

American Idol- The last season that I watched was the season that Jordin Sparks won. I stopped watching it after Jordin Sparks herself big timed me at the House of Blues. Don't have the desire to watch this show all that much.

90210- I started off watching this show faithfully but over the season, I lost interest...I'm not sure if I'll watch this show this fall.

Ummm, I think that's it for me...what are you guys watching and not watching this new TV season?

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

Oldies but goodies:

The Office: At the end of last season, Pam found out she was preggo. WOOT! Jim and Pam are my faves on the Office, but really I love the whole cast. Kelly dancing, Creed stealing, Angela licking her cat, and Michael trying to be everyone's favorite boss.

Grey's Anatomy: Um...kind of forgot what's been happening. LOL But I still enjoy this show. Hopefully Izzy doesn't die.

So You Think You Can Dance - I watched this show faithfully over the summer, am currently watching the Canadian version and I'm still loving it.

America's Next Top Model - Never gonna get sick of this show. LOL It is my #1 guilty pleasure.

Gossip Girl - I found last season a bit tedious with the whole Dan/Serena/Blair/Chuck constantly breaking up and getting back together. Hopefully this season proves more interesting.

Newish shows (One season aired so far):

Parks and Recreation - Love love love Amy Poehler from SNL and I definitely felt there was some potential in the first season.

Dollhouse - Eliza Dushku is a fave actress of mine and this show is Joss Whedon. Good stuff all around.

Brand spanking new shows:

Vampire Diaries - I've been reading these books in preparation of the show. Should be interesting.

Melrose Place - I used to watch this show as a kid (how inappropriate was that? LOL) so I want to see how the latest batch will turn out.

Courgar Town - Courtney Cox Arquette, I'm a fan from friends. Hopefully this is more successful than Dirty.

Eastwick - As in the witches of...I love that movie, so the show should be interesting to see.

Shows that have fallen off my radar:

Desperate Housewives - have no clue what's going on and that's ok, I really hated Susan's character. LOL

I am currently watching Mad Men, SYTYCD Canada, True Blood (season finale this Sunday) and Hell's Kitchen. I do want to know when the 4th season of Friday Night Lights will be airing. I'd hate to miss out on the escapades of Dillon's finest.

Ok here are mine:

New shows:

Glee - Like Rowena, I loved the pilot. It makes me think of my choir days back in highschool.

Vampire Diaries... Although this is on the same time as Bones and CSI. Sooo it may be sacrificed... unless i can find a repeat at a later time.

Three Rivers, Mercy and the Good Wife look interesting.

It's not a new show.. but Joey and I have been watching the rereuns and so it's new to us this fall, Big Bang Theory.

Oldies but Goodies:

Grey's Anatomy - I just read Izzy is going to be gone for about 5 episodes. So i'm wondering how they'll write that in. I know she's not dead though.

Bones -I wondering what's going to happen with Brennan wanting Booth's baby. And are they are going to move closer to admitting their feelings for one an other?

CSI - I love CSI but it was kind of lagging last season. I hope it picks up. I heard Jorja Fox is returning. Which kind of annoys me cause Grissom left to be with her!!!!

Castle - One of my favorite new shows from last season. I hope it's just as good this season.

And my sunday night cartoon: Family Guy, Simpsons and American Dad.

Shows that fell off my radar,

Girls Next Door. I just don't think it'll be the same. Also, CSI was starting to fall... hopefully it picks itself up.

And last but not least, Monroe

New Shows

Glee-I watched the pilot epi of this show and LOVED IT! Lol It’s almost like an upscale/more serious Highschool Musical. And me being a little kid at heart it was right up my alley! Not to mention I think the chorus teacher/director in nerdy hot! ;o) Gotta love the nerds! <3

Vampire Diaries-Ive watched SO MANY previews and behind the scenes for this show I cant help but be excited! And in the spirit of the show Amy and I both read the books! :o) I think this show is going to have good and raw vampire action. And from what I hear it gets into the nitty-gritty by the second show! Im tuning in weekly FO-SHO!

Melrose Place-Ok…a friend is kinda making me watch this one…BUT the previews look pretty good and I do like Ashlee Simpson. I was too young to watch it years ago so I’m not sure totally what its all about…they all live in the same building complex?!?! Idk I’ll at LEAST watch the first show!

Oldies but Goodies-

Family Guy & American Dad-These shows are such guilty pleasures of mine! ;op

The Office-How could any JAM fan not watch to see what unfolds between the two love birds. HELLO PAM IS PREGGERS!!!! And I gotta comment on the “Kelly dancing”…I rewind my dvr EVERY time she dances…its pee-your-pants funny! Good stuff!

So You Think You Can Dance-Got hooked last season and it always makes me wanna dance! Lol

American Idol-What can I say...Ive watched it since Kelly Clarkson and have been hooked. It brings out my inner singer! lol

So now that you know what's going to be on the Boob Tube, what are you looking forward to?

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Castle check!
Grey's Anatomy check!
Eastwick - I found out who the actor that's playing the male is and I like him so I'll check this one out. Never say the movie though.

Haven't heard of Cougartown, Vampire Diaries - I'm worried it will be canceled and I'm not sure I can take more evil from the peeps making stupid decisions.

And I forgot all about Fringe's season finale. Definitely looking forward to that.

And the hubby and I LOVE Big Bang Theory - so smart and funny.


I'm with Cindy... LOVE the Big Bang Theory!!!

Also looking forward to the return of the Winchester brothers in Supernatural....sigh!

Other Favs:

Private Practice
The Office

Not trying to get hooked into any other shows. Although....I may have to give Vampire Diaries a try. I LOVED those books as a teen! :)

Im SO glad to hear you will be trying out Vamp Diaries too b/c I think it will be taking up the place of True Blood during the fall! You know...gotta replace vampires with more vampires! ;op

Okay can't wait for:
How I Met Your Mother
Vampire Diaries
I think that's it

I love:
Burn Notice
which are all summer shows and I'm so sad they are leaving me ;)

Great list ladies I may h ave to check out a couple of the ones you listed!

Cindy-I enjoy Paul Gross and he's Canadian, so Eastwick is going to be fun to watch.

Mollie-Monroe and I have read the VD books in preparation of the show. LOL But Elena had blond hair in the books!

Sarai-I borrowed the first season of Supernatural from a friend but I haven't given myself time to get into it. I may have to remedy that since this show is still on the air! LOL

I love Chris. His role in Everybody Hates Chris tv show is fantastic. He is 13 years boy and played the role very well. I appreciate the author who wrote this story.

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