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Yay! Bones started tonight. Last we saw Booth, he just woke up from a coma asking Brenna, "who are you?" So I was totally expecting we'd be dealing with Booth getting over amnesia. Not the case.

It's six weeks later. Booth is over his amnesia and it waiting to be reinstated. Turns out the whole season finale was because of Brennan reading her novel out loud to Booth. So when he woke up, he believe it was all real. That he and Brennan were married and expecting a baby. How I would have loved to see that. So the season finale was Brennan's novel and all in Booth's mind.

Brennan is returning from a dig in Guatemala. She runs into Angela and her psychic. She mentions there are bodies buried underneath the fountain. Brennan of course doesn't believe but lo and behold they find 12 bodies. One of them being the psychic's sister. He was swindling people for their money and poisoning them with antifreeze. They can't prove he did it, but they did get him on some other charges.

So the main thing I was waiting for was Booth believers him in love with Brennan. He tells Cam and he wonders if he's the same person. Cam says yes but warns him to be sure of his feelings. Cause if he tells Brennan his feelings and it turns out he doesn't love her, Brennan will never be the same.

Then Sweets confronts Booth about his feelings. He shows Booth brain scans of before, during and after the surgery. The area which shows feelings of love is not highlight before the surgery. During the coma it was lit up (while he was having his dream). After the coma, it's back to normal. Sweets warns Booth to be sure of his feelings before he tells Brennan.

The psychic does a reading on Brennan and reveals that Brennan wonders how anyone could love. Brennan says, "I'm beautiful and intelligent." Lol. True. Another thing the psychic tells Brennan that the answer is yes to the question that Brennan is afraid to to ask out loud. That he knows the truth of Brennan and is dazzled by it. Awwww!!!!

Booth finally tells Brennan he loves her but quickly adds in a professional way. Brennan says she feels the same way. Ok.. he kind of chickened out but at least he got the words out. Can't wait to see where this leads!

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Man, stop making me want to watch this show. I watch too many shows as it is.


But awwww, Booth told Bones he loved her? He so doesn't love her in a professional way. Awww.

I think he does love her. I think the coma brought those feelings out. And then freaking sweets is probably make him doubt himself. Stupid sweets. WATCH IT WITH ME!

Alright, this is what? The second season? I'll catch up and watch it with you. I'll do it for you!

Awwww, I can't wait to get all caught up now. Woo hoo!

Ummm no. it's like season 4 i think.

Dude are you kidding me? It's going to be a long weekend! But I'll do it for you!

LOL, actually this is the 5th season haha :D

Thanks Isabel by the way, you're the one that made me watch this show and I've binged on it the whole summer :D

You know the cool thing? Due to broadcasting schedule, we get the show on Wednesday :P

I personally think that there's been hints about Booth being in love with Bones throughout the series, but most specially last season. I hope they'll finally become a couple soon... that would be fun to watch haha.

5 seasons? I knew it was around there. See, I think booth was already in love with Bones but maybe didn't know it. Or maybe just supressed it cause how Bones doesn't really believe in love. Or really how practical she is. So the coma made both Brennan and Bones realize there is a possibilty for more. :)

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