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This pilot for this show did not grab me.

We have a nurse who is mad at her husband. He cheated on her while she was deployed overseas. Yeah, I’d be a little upset too. Especially since his excuse was kind of lame. But then we learn the nurse had an affair too while she was deployed. She also fell in love with the guy. But does she tell her husband this? Of course not.

The day after she agrees to try and work things out with her husband, guess who starts working at the hospital? Yup, the doctor guy she had her affair with. Nice.

Then we have a cop who has a crush on another nurse (still haven’t learned names). But the nurse isn’t really into him. Until he saves her from being assaulted from a patient. They later end up in bed together. The cop and the nurse that is.

Then we have new nurse. She’s full of hope and ready to save lives. She wears cute little smocks with sanrio characters, hearts and flowers. After a couple of days she’s realizing it’s not what she thought it was. But in the end, the three nurse are at the bar laughing and throwing back a couple of drinks.

Like I said before, the pilot didn’t grab me. I was fast forwarding a lot. I think the husband is kind of cute. The doctor guy is the Jack from Men In Trees. I thought he was kind of hot in a rugged manly man way but on this show... he wasn't doing it for me. I’ll watch another episode or two and see if the show grows on me. It kind of reminds me of Hawthorne. Another show about the hospital nurses. This one was on TNT or TBS. I tried to like that one too but meh…

Also, I think Captain Janeway from Voyager is the main nurse’s alchy mom.

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I didn't really feel like watching this show. Are you going to keep watching it?

Hey isnt that the girl from Buffy all the way to the left? Dawn...was that her name? Isnt she on Gossip girl or one of those girly cw shows? lol

I'll watch a couple of more to see if it get better. If not, it's getting cut.

Yup, that's dawn over there. :)

It sounds interesting, too bad it didn't grab you.

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