Big Bang Theory, Castle and The Good Wife  

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Big Bang Theory

Ok, I've only caught some reruns so I'm not sure of all the names of the characters yet. So be patient.

The guys come back from a trip to the North Pole. Sheldon was doing some research up there. There is talk of it being cold and the guys vowing never to speak of a certain night. Leonard is happy to be home cause he's smooching with his neighbor Penny. Apparently these two have been dancing around each for some time.

Sheldon learns that his experiment's results were from Leonard and the guys turning a can opener off and on. The results made Sheldon believe he would be up for a Noble Prize. When he finds out what his friends done, he resigns from the university and leaves. Leonard reluctantly heads to Texas to bring Sheldon back. After Sheldon argues with his mother regarding evolution and creationism, he leaves Texas.

Leonard and Penny finally do and realize it was kind of weird.


Last we left, Castle found out some news regarding Kate's mother's murder. Oh wait.. the case of the week.

Some guy is found murdered in a tree. On the way to hospital, the ambulance is hijacked and some guys steal the body. Turns out the victim had cocaine in his body. So the guys needed to get the drugs.

Turns out the victim was laid off from his job several months before. He never told his wife. He played poker to try and win some money. Fell in deep and became a mule to score so quick cash. Case close.

Kate's mom. Turns out there were 3 other murders that were similar to Kate's mom. Castles listed of the occupations of the other murders. I forget what Kate's mom is. But who ever investigated Kate's mom's murder didn't link up the murder with the others or just chose not to.

Kate was very upset Castle. She asked him to mind his own business and he didn't. He tries to offer her a pony, but that just earns him a glare. Kate says that he can work this last case with her but then they are done.

Castle is in his office writing when his daughter walks in crying. Her date stood her up and acted like it was no big deal. "Why can't guys just say they are sorry?" she asks. Which prompts Castle to go back to Kate to apologize. As he leaves, Kate tells him she'll see him in the morning.

The Good Wife

So Alicia is returning to the workforce after Mr. Big (I'll always think of him as Big from Sex and the City. Sorry) was getting it on with some women other than Alicia.
She's assigned a case where a woman is accused of murdering her husband. They think the wife staged a car jacking to look like a murder. A red pickup truck pulled over as the ex husband is changing a tire. The ex is killed and the girl is blamed. But the surveillance tape shows no pick up truck.

Alicia digs around and does some research. She finds out, with a little help from Big, that some evidence was disregarded. It was grey hound dog hair. Also, she learns that the video surveillance is the same as the night before and after the murder. When the night guard forgets to make his rounds, he makes a copy to make it look like he did. So there is no actual video of the murder. The dog hair.. turns out wife number 2's brother used to work at the dog races and his boss or friend owned a red pick up truck.

Nice. I enjoyed this first episode. I shall be watching again. By the way, loved the Alicia's ring tone for her MIL. The theme to the Twilight Zone. Hmmm. Also loved how she just slapped the shit out Big in the beginning.

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Ooh me and Foti watched The Good Wife and we really enjoyed it. I have to remind him next Tuesday to watch that show. I'm very intrigued which pisses me off because that's just so many hot dang shows that I'm going to be watching and keeping up with this season. I'm going to turn into a total hermit just so I can watch all of my shows, haha.

I loved Alicia's ringtone for her MIL as well, haha. Did it give you any ideas? LOL.

I didn't watch Castles or Big Bang Theory and I'm not going to. Too many shows on my radar anyway.

Yeah I already have the good wife as a series recording now. I can't wait to see what happens. You think she'll hook up with that guy who is helping her?

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