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Last night's episode of Glee wasn't as good as the season premiere but I still enjoyed it.

Last night, we saw the Cheerios and Sue try to break the Glee Club up and cause major drama at the very least and though they did their best, the Glee Club folks were stronger than those damn Cheerios gave them credit for and they were a whole lot more loyal to each other than they thought as well because even after all of the fights that the Glee folks got into, at the end...they were still a frickin' team.

We also see in this episode, Will get a little selfish and wanting some of the singing action. He starts his own little acapella group with Roland from Sheets N Things, the woodshop teacher that cut off his thumbs and Ken. They called themselves Acafella's. They sang my favorite songs from back in the day starting with This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, Poison by BBD and frickin' I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd. When they performed all of these songs, I laughed my frickin' ass off because holy hot damn, those were my frickin' jams.

As the episode wore on, I grew softer and softer on Finn. I loved how he was pissed off that Rachel hurt Mr. Shuester's feelings about his choreography and then I thought he was too cute when he joined Acafella's and sang his little solo in I Wanna Sex You Up. I loved it!

Another part of the show that I loved was when Mercedes got to sing her little song and as soon as she threw that ball into Kurt's window, I knew exactly what song she was going to sing. I could not stop laughing because holy wow, that was so the perfect song. Mercedes has a beautiful voice and it was good to have her in Beyonce's seat and not Kelly Rowland. Football guy, Finn's friend that be leading the pack on picking and bullying everyone, when he told his little story about going after the Cougars and what brought him around to going after the older women had me crackin' up too. Even when he was growling at Finn for not getting the dance moves correct. It was too funny!

Teri is getting on my hot damn nerves and I cannot wait for her and Will to get a divorce to free him up for Emma. I can't wait for that crap to go down because every time that she doesn't tell Will the truth about the baby, I get more and more pissed off and I just want to choke her the hell out.

Did anyone notice that this week's "Next week on Glee" teaser was the exact same teaser from last week? It made me roll my eyes down the street but still, I loved it!

Love, love love this show and I can't wait for I'm off to wait for next week to get here already while I sing, I bust the windows out your car...haha.

Until next week...

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OMG! I was rolling when they sang Poison and I Wanna Sex You Up! I'll never hear those songs the same way again.

It's a few days later and STILL I can hear them singing both songs. I don't think I'll ever be the same either because Girl I must warnnnn yooouuuuuuu...haha.

I'm still laughing at Mercedes rendition of I Bust The Windows Out Your Car...haha, too frickin' funny.

It was like my formative years on fast forward with the songs they sang this week. LOL It wasn't as good this week as last week but Mercedes' song almost made up for the rest - I <3 that song!

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