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Woo hoo, One Tree Hill is back and now we can see how the show is moving on after Lucas and Peyton have left the show.

Jamie turned 7 and he had Jerry frickin' Rice show up at his birthday party. Some new characters were introduced and my favorite of the newbies is of course, Robert Buckley who plays Nathan's agent, Clay. A storyline is brewing for him because I'm mighty curious to see why he's bitter in the love department. Did anyone else laugh when the random blonde chick showed up at his house and walked straight to his room, stripping all the way there? I did. Was that supposed to drive home the fact that Clay is a stud? I didn't need that to know it, I already knew but whatever.

You know that him and Quinn are going to hook up. Quinn is the other newbie. She's Haley's older sister. Now is this the same sister that hooked up with Nathan all those many seasons ago? I know it's not the same actress who played Haley's sister but is that the same character? I can't remember what the other sister's name was, the one that hooked up with Nathan at the bar or something...was it while Haley was on tour with Chris?

Oh goodness. Not much happened on last night's show. We were just shown what everyone has been up to and where things are going to be going.

Brooke and Julian are still too frickin' cute and dude, did Julian get even HOTTER over the summer break because hot damn he was fine last night. Right now, their storyline centers around Julian trying to further his career by taking an 8 month job in New Zealand producing a film that can launch his career, the 8 month gig turns into a 10 month gig and Brooke feels that her relationship with Julian might be blown to pieces when he doesn't return her calls like he usually does. She's feeling all kinds of insecure and lonely but when Julian surprises her by showing up at Jamie's party, alls well that ends well...for now. Seeing this insecure Brooke is so different from the Brooke that we all knew and hated to love when she was in high school. She's so grown up now, she's successful in every aspect of her life except her love life and seeing her flounder a little is good for her. I enjoy her character and her budding relationship with Julian is sure to be one of my favorite parts of the show now. I can't wait to see what else the OTH writers have in store for these two.

Dirty Dan was back on the show with his own show going on. He's got one of those self help guru things going on and blah blah frickin' blah. I don't care.

Skills is back on the show but for how long with his prison sentence on the horizon...I doubt his character will be going places this season with him selling Social Security cards. Idiot.

The whole thing with Nathan and that girl, I thought it would be something like that. Nathan's growing celebrity status as the point guard for the Bobcats was sure to bring out the crazies. I cannot believe that Nathan cheated on Haley...again. I won't believe it so I'm going to watch it and hope he didn't.


All in all, the show wasn't the bang out episode that I've come to appreciate from OTH but it wasn't a complete dud either. I'm hopeful for this new season and I'm curious enough and fangirlish enough to keep watching so I'll be back next week with more OTH goodness.

Did you guys watch it? What were your thoughts? Good or bad? What are you most excited to see from this season?

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