Beverly Hills Chihuahua  

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I took my brothers to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua on Friday night. And I admit, I really wanted to see this. I own a freakin' chihuahua for goodness sakes. LOL I HAD to see this. :P

It was really cute. Chloe is a spoiled pampered Beverly Hills pooch and when her owner's niece has to watch her when her owner goes on a business trip, Chloe and the niece take an impromptu trip to Mexico. Where Chloe gets picked up by dog fighters. :( But while locked up, Chloe wins over the hearts of some of the older, street-wise strays and they come to Chloe's rescue when she's pitted against Diablo, a doberman.

The ending kind of dragged, but there were enough laughs and awwww! moments to make me happy. Only go see this in the theater if you really really want to and have a child to take with you. LOL Otherwise, wait for the DVD. :P

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I'll wait for it to come on TMN.

Isn't this the number 1 movie in America right now? I thought I saw that on TV this morning but I could be wrong.

I thought of you Ames when I saw this preview for the first time. ;)

It was the #1 movie in Canada too Wena.

When I first saw this preview, I was like "dumb movie!!" But then I saw a different preview and thought of how spoiled She-Ra is, so I just had to go. LOL My brothers had a good laugh too.

There were some awesome clips from the upcoming kids movie Bolt too.

this movie is so good it's funny and all the members of the family can go to see it

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