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Sarah Connor

A terminator is on the looses hunting down Martin Bedell. Kind of like how Arnold did in the first movie when he was looking for Sarah Connor. Turns out Bedell gives up his life in the future to save Kyle and John. Which is why the terminator was after him. If there is no Bedell, he can't save Kyle and John in the future.

I'm thinking Weaver is one of the bad guys. I don't know, kissing/killing that one guy just doesn't make it look like she's for team Connor. Unless she's trying to keep the plant operational for them in the future. I don't know. That part confuses me a little.

Pushing Daisies

Why can't Chuck see Ned isn't liking she's not living with him. Why why why? Poor Ned is having hard time adjusting to Chuck not being there. He did kind of punish her for it by leaving her behind. Although with Olive gone, someone does have to manage the Pie Hole.

It looks like towards the end, Ned is going to be ok with Chuck living next door.


When are they going to get a permanent assistant in the lab? I liked how Booth said he'd be prettier than Bones if he was a girl. Other than that, nothing much.


I kind of knew Warrick wouldn't make it. I thought maybe they would save him. I knew Warrick would leave anyway. I just didn't think he would die. Ok, I did but I hoped he wouldn't. Then we find out Warrick had a son. Which cool but I wonder why bring that up now?

Of course the CSIs managed to piece the evidence together and find Mckeen. When Nick was pointing that gun at him, i kept thinking, "don't shoot him Nick!" I got scared once I heard the shot and sighed a big sigh of relief when Nick didn't shot him. Mc Keen did deserve it but I don't want Nick in trouble.

And Sarah. I was happy to see Sarah but... is it me or did she look a little old maidish and frumpy? I wonder when Grissom leaves, if he'll leave with Sarah. I don't know if I like them as a couple.

I got misty eyed at Warrick's funeral. It was sad and when I saw a tear rolling down Nick's cheek, I wanted to hug him and make everything better.

Grey's Anatomy

Ok, I felt bad for izzy at the end of the show when she said she didn't have anyone. Which sucks. Cause what happened with her friendship with George? Has Lexie replaced Izzy? Kind of jacked up. I know things may have been awkward but still. Although Lexie feeding George was kind of cute.

I also thought Alex saying hello to Izzy at the end of day was kind of cute too.

Derek was kind of jacked up with wanting to kick Izzy and Alex out right away. That should have been discussed with Meredith first. I get he would like to be alone with her though. Eventually they will have to move out but I don't see the rush.

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Alright my thoughts on your thoughts:

SC: I think that Garbage chick is a bad chick too. I thought the kid with Sarah was really cute. It was good to see a smile out of Sarah over a cute little kid.

PD: I haven't been watching this show, I keep forgetting about it so maybe I'll have to start DVRing it.

CSI: Oh goodness, I thought Warrick would be alive but like take off, I was bummed to see them kill him off and I was thinking the same thing, why bring up the son if he's not going to be around anymore? We'll just have to wait and see. I wanted to hug Greg so many times during this episode, he's just so cute.

I didn't watch Grey's but I will soon. Seriously.

I know!! Poor Warrick. I was hoping they'd save him and then he'd retire or something. Ugh. What did you think of Sarah?

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