The New Trailer for Twilight.  

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Is anyone else as excited about this movie as I am? I don't care about the casting anymore, I just want to see how it all turns out. I'm anxious already!

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Oh hey, you guys redecorated! I like it!!

Ok, I wasn't interested in seeing this before I saw this trailer, but now? I might want to see it...ol

I won't have anyone to go with me. So I'll probably netflix this. Unless Jenny wants to check it out with me.

I want to see this. So I should probably hurry up and read the first book, huh? LOL My 13 year old cousin just loves these books (and her totally awesome cousin for buying them for her -yes that would be me) so we'll probably go see this movie together. With my mom too, she loves vampires. LOL

So how embarrassing is this it comes out on November 21st and I'm planning on seeing it at midnight. Well my birthday is November 20th. So, I will have just turned twenty-freaking-six and I'm going to see Twilight @ midnight with, most likely, a boatload of annoying Bella wanna-bees.

Ask me if I even care... ;)

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