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Ok I stumbled on this show. I caught most of it but I was flipping back and forth between this and the Simpsons and King of the Hill. The premise of the show is (stolen from wikipedia):

The show focuses on the Valentine family, a group of gods living amongst humans. They must keep their true identities secret as they do whatever it takes to bring soul mates together.

You have Grace (Aphrodite), Danny (Eros), Phoebe (a goddess of the oracle of Delphi) and Leo (Hercules) all living together. Their job is to bring soul mates together. Although why Leo is with them, i don't know... I don't recall him having anything to do with Aphrodite or Eros in the myths. And there is a brief appearance with Ray (Hephaestus) showing up to fix something for Grace.

Anyway, something happens where Danny argues with Grace saying how the world doesn't need them. Grace cuts him and says if the fates find they are no longer needed, they'll become mortal and die. Which Danny is shocked how he's actually bleeding. Now he's taking his job a little more seriously. Grace says they need help. So she enlists a romance author to help them out.

The job they are working on is bringing together a couple who have been just friends. However, the guy has been secretly in love with the girl since they met. But she never saw him that way. So the poor guy had to watch her get into bad relationship after bad relationship. With the help of Danny's gun (replacing the bow and arrows), they end up in bed together. The girl freaks out and decides to elope with her fiancé.

Phoebe warns them once the couple reaches Vegas, their destiny is locked. So the gang works overtime to try and figure out how to stop elopement. Which they do.

The show was all right. Kind of cheesy and corny. I thought the guys playing Leo and Danny were meh... Especially Danny. He could have been a little cuter especially since he's the god of Erotic love. I'll probably record a few more episodes to see if gets better.

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