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I've been entirely too lazy to write up my thoughts on all of my shows. Many weeks have passed and still there hasn't been very many updates with my thoughts so I'm going to make a run down of all the shows I watch and what I'm thinking of each episode.

One Tree Hill: As much as I'm enjoying One Tree Hill (loyal fan that I am) I can't say that I'm exactly blown away by how amazing the writing and the turn the show is taking. I'm loving that Lucas and Peyton are together and though the scenes with them are cute and funny, they're not exactly wowing me. Although now with Julian in the picture, this might change because I'm mighty curious to see who this guy is and what exactly he is to Peyton. I thought Lucas was a dork for signing the contract without actually reading the contract. Ugh, I kept screaming at the screen, DON'T YOU DARE SIGN THAT and then he signed it and I thought he was an idiot. I'm still loving the hell out of Nathan, Haley and Jamie and I love that Nathan is playing slamball. I love that he's on the same team as Owen and I love that Owen is back in the picture with Brooke. I'm hoping that Brooke will lean on Owen because if anyone needs someone to lean on it'd be Brooke. I also think it's cute that Brooke is playing Mommy to Brooke Jr., Sam. It's going to be interesting to see how Sam turns into the good girl we all know she's going to be. Haven't seen too much from Skillz and Deb and I can't say that I miss them because truthfully, I don't. As much as I love Skillz, his little love affair with Deb creeps me the eff out. Then there's Mouth, Gigi and Millicent. I think it's stupid. I think Gigi is stupid and I had such high hopes for her returning and being with Mouth cause I think that's exactly who he belongs with well, atleast that's what I thought before she came back. I think in this case, the blast from the past isn't who holds my heart for the Tree Hill alum. In this case, Millicent is where Mouth belongs and I'm glad that he knows it, I just hope he doesn't screw anything up.

As a whole, the show is progressing but not with the same pizazz as I've come to expect from the writing folks over at One Tree Hill. But of course, I'm going keep watching because it's One Tree Hill, duh.

90210: This show hasn't been wowing me either. I can watch this on DVR and be totally fine. I'm kinda mad that Navid ended up really liking Adrianna of all people. I hate Adrianna. I think she's lame and yet Navid sees something in her that I don't and I'll just have to trust him on this one but man, why couldn't he have ended up with Silver or something, I LOVE Silver. I LOVE Navid and sooner or later, I want them to end up together some how, some way.

I didn't watch all of last night because my beloved Lakers were playing (and kicked ass by the way, WOOT!) but I did catch some bits of it and will be watching it in it's entirety sometime tonight but anyway, I think that Dixon and Silver are too cute. I love that they're so different and yet still connect with each other. I dig that they like each other and even though I like them two together, I want Navid to hook up with Silver but that's just me being selfish. LOL.

As for Ethan and Annie, they're the couple of the show I guess and I guess it's cute because I think Ethan is a cutie patootie but I dont' really care for him. I'm glad that he's destined to end up with Annie because I cannot stand Naomi. Misunderstood or not, I do NOT want Naomi and Ethan to get back together. Ugh, they don't make a good couple at all. But as far as Ethan and Annie go, I hope they juice up that storyline because I'm bored with it and it hasn't completely taken off yet so some CPR to revive that relationship would be nice.

I miss Kelly, I want her back. I miss Brenda, I want her back. I want to know what the hell happened to Kelly and Dylan and little Sammie (why do I keep swearing that Sammie's name started off as Gabe in the beginning? Am I smoking crack?) I want to know whatever happened between Ryan and Brenda (if anything) and I do not care for the whole undercover student crap storyling that Ryan's knee deep in right now. I hate that girl that plays Ryan's love interest, she's not nearly as cool as Kelly is so come on, Kelly needs to come back and nip that shit in the bud already.

Mom and Dad Wilson are still blah although I did see a bit of last night when Mama Wilson told Naomi's mom that she will punch her in the face so hard, she'll knock her teeth out if she ever came near her husband again, I was like, "GO AUNT BECKY!" haha.

As a whole, the storylines are tired and played out but I keep watching this show hoping to find more of the old school gang on there. Please bring them back!

Sarah Connor Chronicles: There isn't much to say about this show, all I know is that I'm thinking Garbage girl is bad news and hopefully we'll be seeing what her big plan is going to be. I missed last week episode so I missed what happened with Brian Austin Green's character's girl. The one that he slept with and then left and as he was leaving the camera zooms in on what's underneath her bed, which is a whole shitload of pictures of Jon Connor which smacks you over the head with what she's got planned, DUH! She's gonna kill Jon Connor like every other freaking freak in the world.

I don't have much to say on this show because I love it but I'm confused as I haven't been watching as often as I used to but I will catch up on this damn show to save my life, seriously.

I don't have anything to add on Prison Break or Fringe either since I need to catch up on those too.

And there you go, my thoughts.

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Ok, about the shirley manson girl. She seemed more human in earlier episodes. But the one with her daugther she seemed more robotic.

I wanna see more cameron!

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