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Pushing Daisies is my favorite new show from last year. I love how cute and quirky it is. That and I love Ned.

Ok. So it turns out Olive has stopped bringing pies over to Vivian and Lily after discovering Lily is Chuck's mom. Viv and Lily take a bus over to the pie hole to make sure Olive is ok. What does Olive do when confronted by them? She screams. ha ha. Then quits the pie hole. She's full of secrets and may just burst at any moment. We next find her in a nun's outfit singing on a hill top ala Sound of Music. Cute. I thought it was funny that all her stuff was outside at the nunnery and the poor people start picking up her stuff. ha ha.

Lily follows her and explains Vivian and Chuck's dad were engaged. Lily had an affair with him and got preggers. I wonder if Vivian knows? I would think she has to.

Since Olive's apartment is now empty, Chuck decides to move in. Which Ned doesn't like. However at the end of the episode, he takes all of Chucks things from the aunt's house and puts them in the apartment. Again, I love Ned. By the way, how cute was it to see Ned walking around the apartment with bells on his slippers so Chuck would know when he was coming. awwwww.

Another aww Ned moment was when he was working for Betty as her secretary to keep an eye on Chuck. Which Emerson says, "STALKER!" Ha ha. My husband laughed when Emerson told Kentucky's hubby to cry in bathroom like a man instead of crying in public.

We find out Emerson wrote a pop up book, Lil Gum Shoe, as a way to find his daughter or for her to find him (Joey was snoring by this time). Then we find out Ned's dad is hanging around the pie hole. Very interesting indeed. Wonder what's up with that.

I'm so glad Pushing Daisies is back. Yay!!! Can't wait to see what this season brings.

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I finally had a chance to see this this weekend. :P

I love that stalker part too. Ned loves Chuck! Awwww! LOL

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