Prison Break- The Price  

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Ok, I was actually getting mad at Prison Break. Well more at Roland. How the hell does he get all bitter and petty when he is the one who screwed up in Vegas! He got caught. He got the device taken away. So when the gang is royally pissed at him, he decides to turn in Linc and Michael. Then when Michael catches him, he gets all attitude towards him and even asks for an apology. Jerk ward. You so deserved to die yesterday. Sounds blood thirsty, I know.

But now the gang has Wyatt in their custody. Mahone is like a rabid dog wanting to kick Wyatt's ass. I don't blame him one but. Gretchen offered to let Sarah whip her for 5 minutes to even things up. Loved it when Sarah almost sliced her neck. Go Sarah!!!

This shall be interesting.

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Yea, so I really need to get crackin' and get all caught up so I can join in the convo. Le sigh. I've been DVRing this season in hopes that I'll get season 2 and 3 watched soon. So far, not doing so hot.

Hey mollie! I finally watched the first episode of LIfe on Mars. So far I like it. It's interesting. I still have to watch the second episode.

Yay! Someone else watching it!

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