True Blood: Fourth Man in the Fire  

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So, we're on show 8. Gut check time, my friends. The show lagged a bit for me, but now that Sookie and Bill have consummated their relationship, this viewer is back in the game. LOL Also, I just read all the books back to back and I'm anxious for the next one to come out now. May, you are too far away. :(

Jason is hooked on V. Him and his latest friend, Amy, have kidnapped a vampire (after following Lafayette to its house). Sookie and Bill are hot to trot. (Eww scene though - they have sex as soon as he comes out of the ground and he's all muddy. Eww)

Tara and Sam are still being friendly. Tara has gone to the exorcist too. I will miss that part of Tara she's trying to get rid of. I always laugh at the outrageous things Tara says.

Ok, Sookie really pissed me off in this last episode. She really has an attitude on her and I don't like it. Mind you, everyone is judging her, but still. She's too defensive. And she's being a braggart about being with Bill. That doesn't seem...classy.

The guy who plays Bill is also in the latest People magazine. He's British. But I must admit, I like his accent in the show.

OOH, there was more Eric. He "hires" Sookie to find out who's stealing money from Fangtasia. I like Eric's arms...yum. But not his face.

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Dude, what is up with Eric's hair?! Talk about ewwww. Jeez, they've got bad wigs all around...Bill's isn't good either.

It's a shame Jason is so stupid. He's awfully pretty. ;-)

Eric has crazy long hair in the books, and he's a VIKING. This dude is not a viking. Although it would be hard for casting to find someone as perfect as Eric. LOL

Bill's hair, I think that's natural. You should see the pic of the guy in People magazine. Him and Anna might actually be dating.

Jason is awfully pretty. LOL

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